PP-18 coneference







  • ITU Telecom World 2018: Opening Ceremony
    ​​​10 September 2018, Durban, South Africa: ITU is honoured and proud today to bring one of our flagship events to a city, a country, and a continent on the cusp of a new digital era. I have fond memories of ITU Africa Telecom 98, which was held in Johannesburg. Twenty years later, we are very pleased to be back in South Africa and to be here in the magnificent city of Durban...
  • ITU Council 2018: State of the Union Address

    17 April 2018, Geneva, Switzerland: Welcome to the 2018 Session of ITU Council. It is our last Council before PP-18, the 20th Plenipotentiary Conference of our history. As we gather here today in Geneva and later this year in Dubai, our task is to ensure that ITU's activities, policies and strategies fully respond to today's digital transformation and pave the way for a bright future...

  • ITU Council 2017: State of the Union Address
    ​​15 May 2017, Geneva, Switzerland: On behalf of my Elected colleagues and the ITU staff, I welcome you to the 2017 Session of ITU Council.I want to present our special welcome to those of you who are attending the Council for the first time. And to the Ministers and Vice Ministers who made time in their busy schedule to be here with us today.​..