ITU 150







  • ITU Council 2015 : Closing Remarks
    21 May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland : We are coming to the close of the first Council after PP-14, and I am delighted by the great spirit of cooperation that has prevailed over the past week and a half.This Council has been very rich in content, and has achieved a great deal in a short space of time...
  • ITU 150th Anniversary Ceremony : Welcome Address
    17 May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland : Good afternoon and welcome to this celebration of ITU's 150th Anniversary! On behalf of ITU Elected Officials and myself, l want to express my heartfelt appreciation to our Member States, represented here by Honorable Ministers, Ambassadors, Councilors or Head of Delegations of ITU Council, high-level Government Officials, private sector representatives, Heads of UN Agencies, Swiss Federal Authorities and Geneva Cantonal Authorities, and other dignitaries present here. I also warmly recognize the presence of our current and former Elected Officials...
  • ITU Council 2015 : State of the Union Address
    12 May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland : It gives me great pleasure to formally welcome you to the 2015 session of ITU Council.Let me offer a very warm welcome to our councillors, and especially to our new Council Members, which include Pakistan, Uganda and Tanzania, who have returned to Council after an absence; and Azerbaijan and Lithuania, who are joining Council for the first time...