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SG16 - Study Group Structure
(Study Period 2017-2020)

PLEN Plenary
Q1/16 Multimedia and digital services coordination
Continuation of Question 1/16
CG-Metaverse SG16 Correspondence group on metaverse
Open to ITU-T SG16 members.
WP1/16 Multimedia content delivery
Q11/16 Multimedia systems, terminals, gateways and data conferencing
(Continuation of Question 11/16)
Q12/16 Intelligent visual systems and services
(Continuation of Question 12/16)
Q13/16 Content delivery, multimedia application platforms and end systems for IP-based TV services including digital signage
(Continuation of Questions 13/16, 14/16 and part of 21/16)
Q14/16 (Discontinued) Digital signage systems and services
Question 14/16 was merged with Question 13/16 on 18 January 2021, following endorsement by TSAG
Q21/16 Multimedia framework, applications and services
Continuation of Question 21/16
WP2/16 Multimedia e-services
Q22/16 Multimedia aspects of distributed ledger technologies and e-services
(Continuation of Question 22/16)
Q23/16 Digital culture-related systems and services
(Continuation of Question 23/16)
Q24/16 Human factors for intelligent user interfaces and services
(Continuation of Question 24/16)
Q26/16 Accessibility to multimedia systems and services
Continuation of Question 26/16
Q27/16 Vehicular multimedia communications, systems, networks, and applications
Continuation of Question 27/16
Q28/16 Multimedia framework for digital health applications
Continuation of Question 28/16
WP3/16 Media coding and immersive environments
Q5/16 Artificial intelligence-enabled multimedia applications
(Continuation of Question 5/16)
Q6/16 Visual, audio and signal coding
(Continuation of Question 6/16 and Question 7/16)
Q7/16 (Discontinued) Speech/audio coding, voiceband modems, facsimile terminals and network-based signal processing
Question 7/16 was merged with Question 6/16 on 18 January 2021, following endorsement by TSAG
Q8/16 Immersive live experience systems and services
(Continuation of Question 8/16)

Focus Groups
FG-AI4H ITU-T Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health
Other groups under SG16
IRG-AVA ITU Intersector Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility
JVET Joint Video Experts Team
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