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Question 27

Vehicle gateway platform for telecommunication/ITS services and applications

(Continuation of Question 27/16)

Vehicle information obtained from electronic devices as part of an in-vehicle network are critical to telecommunication/intelligent transportation system (ITS) services and applications, and to related industries (insurance, fleet, etc.), including emergency telecommunications. In such vehicle-centric services, a wide range of applications can be proposed, and it is believed that vehicle information has an important role in the value chain of telecommunication/ITS. Currently, the way of extracting vehicle information differs by manufacturer, model type, and data bus type. A few SDOs are developing related specifications that focus on the scope of their interest.
In addition, recognizing the importance and urgency of the climate change and road safety issues, ITU should be actively involved in ITS, which can help reduce carbon emissions – for instance by reducing congestion. It is anticipated that vehicle-centric services implemented based on global standards will contribute to mitigating climate change and improve road safety.

Vehicle gateways are intended to provide and support telecommunication using the network environment both within the car and outside it (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure). In this context, vehicle gateways have a significant role to support ubiquitous connectivity in heterogeneous environments. Therefore, global standards for vehicle gateways should be developed to support global seamless ITS services and applications, and to allow plug-and-play operation in any vehicle for any consumer device.

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