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WTISD 2014 Laureate

WTISD 2014 Laureate Mr Carlos Slim Helú
President, Carlos Slim Foundation and Chairman, Grupo Carso

Acceptance Speech

Carlos Slim Helú


A Mexican and a son of Lebanese immigrants, Carlos Slim Helú is widely known as a successful businessman and a prominent philanthropist. A self-made man, he achieved success in the world of business through investments in a diverse range of industries as reflected in the portfolio of the Carso Group, which include infrastructure and construction, financial services, retail and commercial services, as well as telecommunications. Carlos Slim Helú studied Civil Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he also taught Algebra and Linear Programming while studying for his degree.

Mr Slim's interest for technology is long standing. América Móvil is currently the leading supplier of telecommunication services (fixed line, mobile, Internet, and TV) in Latin America. It also operates in the USA and Europe. He is committed to the promotion of technologies for development and has been co-chairman of the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development since 2010.

Mr Slim's main focus today is promoting social development in Mexico and Latin America through the Carlos Slim Foundation, which has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. Initiatives include early childhood development, providing over 360,000 scholarships to students and young entrepreneurs, setting up over 3600 digital classrooms and libraries in Mexico, the rehabilitation of Mexico City's historic district, the preservation of Mexico's natural areas and the construction of Museo Soumaya, home to one of the finest art collections in the world.

Mr Carlos Slim Hélu has received a number of awards for his business and social activities, including the Lebanese Gold Order of Merit; the Decoration of the Commander Leopold II, granted by the Belgium Government; and the Red Cross Badge of Honour and Merit for his long-standing humanitarian work.

Interview with Carlos Slim Helú