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Name : MATSUNAGA, Hisashi
Date : January 10, 2017
Organization : NTT DATA Corporation
Country : Japan
Job Title : Senior Vice President Head of Group Strategy Headquarters

Contribution : The Internet is now necessary social infrastructure which could provide solution to various issues on development of industry and economy, healthcare and social security, education, safe and reliable life by levering ICT. In addition, the Internet is now important network to support business of multi-national company, R&D activities with international collaboration, without physical constriction such as border or sea. As a result the Internet contributes to create new additional value in globe. Regarding the developmental aspects of the Internet, we should consider to create necessary rule to promote the open Internet with multi-stakeholder approach and with minimum interference by governments of each country. As a result, the open Internet comes to be place where could make innovation by private sector through various pilot projects to achieve their fruitful idea. Regarding the challenges and opportunities, we should make further activities against cyber terrorism with collaboration at national, regional and international level among all relevant stakeholders. In addition, we should promote to utilize cross-border data flows with framework of economic partnership.