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Name : HILL, Richard
Date : December 06, 2016
Organization : Association for Proper Internet Governance
Country : Switzerland
Job Title : President

Contribution : The Internet and the electronic networking revolution, like previous technological shifts, holds out the promise of a better and more equitable world for all. Yet it is increasingly evident that certain elites are capturing the benefits of these developments largely for themselves and consolidating their overall positions of control. Global corporations, often in partnership with governments, are framing and constructing this new society in their own interests, at the expense of what is required in the wider public interest.

As the challenge to much wider societal issues grows, and the dangers of undermining hard-won gains in social justice across sectors (health, education, environment, gender equality, economic development, etc.) become very real, we call upon social justice movements around the world, as well as other concerned individuals and organizations, to engage with the Internet Social Forum process.

Attachments : CWG-Internet 2017 - ISF.pdf