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Name : SHAKWEER, Abeer
Date : January 15, 2016
Organization : Ministry of communication and information technology
Country : Egypt
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Contribution : Contribution: Question 1: Challenges What are the different challenges facing persons with disabilities and specific needs (e.g. lack of ICT skill sets etc.) in accessing and using the Internet? Lack of awareness of PWDs of the importance of using the Internet, Illiteracy and e-illiteracy, problems regarding availability of accessibility hardware, and affordability. Website accessibility is another problem facing PwDs. Lack of online applications. Question 2: What possible approaches and examples of good practices are available to address these challenges? 1. Egyptian Ministry of Communication & Information Technology has launched an accessible website, using the expertise of software developers and the feedback of people with different disabilities (hearing, visual). This accessible website provided all information regarding services and initiatives provided by the MCIT for people with disabilities. 2. Ministry of Communication & Information Technology is holding an annual competition between software developers to best software solutions for helping and enabling PwDs. 3. Some mobile operators are providing special tariffs for PwDs to encourage them to use Internet. Question 3: What are the gaps in addressing these challenges and how can these gaps be filled? Gaps in addressing the challenges: lack of regulations to enforce accessibility of websites, enforcement of special tariffs to PwDs How to fill the gaps: Training and capacity building skill set, Public awareness campaigns to use Internet. Question 4: What is the role of governments in addressing these challenges and gaps? Government can play many roles in addressing such challenges. Enforcer: put new regulations in place to provide preferential treatment to people with disabilities. Enabler: Provide an entrepreneur-friendly environment for entrepreneurs who provide Internet access solutions to people with disabilities. Supporter: Provide financial support to developers and/or users who are PwDs.

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