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Name : VIACHESLAV, Erokhin
Date : September 21, 2016
Organization : Radio Research & Development Institute
Country : Russian Federation
Job Title : Deputy Head of Laboratory

Contribution : In the attachment, you can find material related to topic «Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet» in terms of creating secure, confident and reliable service environments for internet users. «Enabling environment for Internet access» concept includes both physical access to network and capabilities for protection from malicious activity, viruses; authentication capabilities on the one hand, and confidentiality capabilities on the other hand. Following the logics of Internet services development, we would like to focus at the issue of confidentiality and security in the use of Internet as a tool for creating elements of enabling environment providing confidentiality and security of Internet use (question № 4 of open consultations), and the role of governments in building an enabling environment for access to the Internet. In document, you can find Russian experience in building national Authentication system USIA and links to international examples.

Attachments : Online Open Consultation_Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet_Sept 2016 .pdf