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Name : BEREZOWSKI, Wojciech
Date : August 29, 2016
Organization : Office of Electronic Communications
Country : Poland
Job Title : Head of International Affairs Unit

Contribution : Please find attached the contribution of UKE (Office of Electronic Communications). The President of UKE is the Polish national regulatory authority for telecommunications and postal services market. Due to its prerogatives, regulatory authority can influence building an enabling environment by creating new investment incentives and improving the existing regulations to boost the development of broadband infrastructure; making the best possible use of scarce resources such as frequencies; encouraging the development of fair competition in the telecommunications markets, also in terms of quality. In addition, regulator carries out its activities with the customer wealth in mind. Therefore, initiatives aimed at providing customers with knowledge on the available services (e.g. QoS indicators and measurement tools, certificates issued by the regulator to companies complying with high standards of customer service, or guidelines concerning the safe use of internet services and devices connected to the internet) also constitute an important part of both regulatory activity and enabling environment. Activities undertaken by the President of UKE in this regard have proven to be effective, therefore they may serve as an example of good practices for other regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

Attachments : Office of Electronic Communications (UKE, Poland).docx