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Contribution Feb 2013 Text Display Screen

Name : NAKHLI, Faryd
Date : September 28, 2013
Organization : Giprosvjaz, Ministry of Communications and Informatization
Country : Belarus
Issues : Issue 3

Contribution : At present Belarus as well as other developing countries faces IPv4 address exhausting. Together with no progress shown in IPv6 deployment this forced us to raise an issue of IPv6 transition during preparation meetings for WTDC-14.

We propose to examine the possibility for ITU to act as an international coordinator in IPv6 transition process, especially for developing countries. This coordination may include:

- Compilation of the problems and requirements of developing countries in their transition to IPv6.
- Consolidation and coordination of efforts to ensure the transition to IPv6.
- Determination of recommended procedures, methods and time-frames for the smooth transition to IPv6 by telecommunication administrations.
- Coordination at the regional level through respective regional organization.

Moreover, we propose to specify and agree on recommended time frames for developing countries to complete IPv6 transition process. In our opinion, this recommended time frames can provide some additional motivation.