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Name : GOTO, Shigeki
Date : August 08, 2013
Organization : Japan Network Information Center
Country : Japan
Issues : Issue 2

Contribution :

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) appreciates an opportunity to comment on the issues shared as an open consultation by CWG-Internet.

Furthermore, it would allow more adequate inputs for the issues from broad stakeholders to the Council Working Group if more information is provided about the background of the issues raised for the consultation, as well as how these inputs would be taken into considerations by the Council Working Group. We would appreciate it if the Council Working Group could consider sharing such information when making open consultations.

As a National Internet Registry managing the Internet number resources in Japan, JPNIC would like to provide input on Issue 2: Consultation on international public policy issues concerning IPv4 addresses.

We believe the issue concerning IPv4 addresses should be discussed in the forums of Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), which are the forums for the discussion on the management of IP address in an open, transparent and bottom up manner. Raising issues and joining the discussions are open to anyone, including governments, who is interested in the topic.

Regarding the management of legacy IPv4 addresses and inter-region transfers of IPv4 addresses, both issues are adequately addressed by the existing policies and practices of the RIRs. JPNIC co-ordinates and adopts the policies and practices which are consistent with those of APNIC, the RIR managing IP address space in the Asia Pacific region.

JPNIC adopts the following policies and practices:

(a) Unused legacy IPv4 addresses

JPNIC has signed a contract with all address holders including legacy IPv4 addresses. This ensures that all legacy space holders are correctly registered in JPNIC's registry database, so that the holders, once they so wish, can transfer the space to another entity with a demand for IPv4 addresses.

(b) Inter-region transfers of IPv4 addresses 

JPNIC has adopted inter-registry IPv4 address transfer policy, which allows transfers of IPv4 addresses with economies and regions outside of Japan.

These policies and practices are consistent with the policies in the APNIC region as well as in the other RIRs, which has been discussed in the open and transparent bottom up process and adopted by the consensus.

Since the emergence of the Internet, IP number resources have been managed by RIRs and their predecessors with their policies and practices formed through the due process which has involved the users, service providers and other parties concerned with them. Especially, those for unused legacy IPv4 addresses and Inter-region transfers of IPv4 addresses have been keenly discussed through RIRs' policy forums with the largest ever interest and concern from the stakeholders. It is truly important for all the stakeholders to have a good understanding about the practices and the scheme of IPv4 address management which has enabled the outcome described above, based on the reality of the situation. We are very sure that new concerns and issues to be raised, based on such good understanding, will be more than welcome in the RIR forums, as the constructive discussions there will contribute to form better policies and practices which address any future needs which have not been taken into considerations until now.

August 8, 2013

Shigeki Goto

President, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)