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Contribution Feb 2013 Text Display Screen

Name : FLODIN, Jan
Date : July 26, 2013
Organization : The Internet Society Sweden Chapter
Country : Sweden
Issues : Issue 2

Contribution : The Internet Society Sweden Chapter (ISOC-SE) appreciates this opportunity to express its view on this CWG consultation. We honor this path towards openness, but regret that the CWG data and reasoning behind these issues seem not available to the general public, not even the sector members. The issues are broad and it is difficult to understand the detailed motives and reasoning behind each issue, as formulated. Therefore, it is not possible for us to know if our answer addresses the exact issues you have in mind. The Internet Society Sweden Chapter chooses to address only item 2, unused legacy IPv4 address space. There is already an extensive work done on policy development and procedures by existing multi-stakeholder forums, including the Regional Internet Registries. It seems they have not been included in the CWG work with this consultation. Available IPv4 space is already allocated, although some addresses are unused. To interfere with this working allocation system would do more harm than good, if at all possible in reality. If the intent is to satisfy need for more IPv4 addresses for those regions that originally got a very small portion of the total IPv4 space, this would be counter productive in the long run. It would conserve and extend the inevitable IPv4 to IPv6 transition problem for them, instead of a jump start into the IPv6 world. IPv6 does not just resolve the address shortage problem, once it becomes the common system, it would preserve and “restore” the connection-less, edge-centric architecture that has and will underpin new, innovative, systems and services over the Internet. ISOC-SE and other Swedish organisations in the Swedish Internet Community have an excellent multi stakeholder operation with our government bodies. We meet regularly, share, discuss and contribute with each other’s expertise. People from ISOC-SE, from the Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation (once founded by ISOC-SE) that is the .SE registry and from NETNOD that runs both the DNS i-root and the Swedish IXP, have participated as part of the National Swedish delegation to recent ITU conferences. With Best Regards, Jan Flodin chairman of the ISOC-SE board