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ITU Workshop on Combating Counterfeiting and Stolen ICT Devices


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized a series of Webinars and Workshops on combating counterfeiting and stolen ICT devices. The Episode 2: “Global approaches on combating counterfeiting of telecommunication/ICT devices and mobile device theft”, that took place on 13 October 2023 from 9h30 to 17h30 CEST  at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Remote connection was provided for this event. 

The workshop was collocated with the ITU-T Study Group 11​​ meeting taking place at the same venue from 10 to 20 October 2023.

Counterfeiting of ICT devices poses a severe threat to the global economy, consumer safety, and the integrity of critical infrastructures. Fake ICT devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and networking equipment, not only undermine the revenues of legitimate manufacturers but also expose end-users to numerous risks such as compromised security, data breaches, and substandard performance. Tackling this problem requires a coordinated effort from international organizations to establish effective policies, share information, and implement robust measures to deter and eradicate counterfeiting practices.

Resolution 188 PP-22, invites Member States to work in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders and, in particular with international organizations such as WTO, WIPO and WCO, on activities relating to combating counterfeit and tampered telecommunication/ICT devices, including restricting the trading, export/import and circulation of these telecommunication/ICT devices internationally.

In addition, Resolution 189 PP-22​, invites Member States to adopt measures to exchange information on the unique identifiers of mobile telecommunication/ICT devices reported as stolen or lost in other countries and regions, taking necessary actions to protect users' data, taking into account national and regional legal frameworks, and measures to block the use of these devices in their mobile networks.

This workshop played a significant role in bringing together different key stakeholders including representatives of various international organizations to address the growing concern of counterfeiting in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices, as well as theft of mobile devices. The workshop provided a platform for fruitful discussions, knowledge exchange, and the development of implementable recommendations to enhance the global response to the counterfeit ICT devices menace and mobile device theft.

As expected, participants gained valuable insights and devised practical strategies to collectively combat counterfeiting of ICT devices and mobile device theft, thus safeguarding the interests of consumers, supporting legitimate businesses, and ensuring a secure and trustworthy ICT ecosystem.

This workshop aimed at providing a platform for exchanging views among all stakeholders and international organizations on the potential way forward to stop the spreading and circulation of counterfeit ICT devices in the world, as well as, stopping the circulation of stolen mobile devices. It also provided  an opportunity to discuss the potential direction for collaboration between the ITU and other international organizations on these subject matters.

​​The workshop agenda encompassed a comprehensive range of topics related to combating counterfeit Telecommunication/ICT devices and mobile device theft. The invited speakers ​provided an overview of the ongoing activities, shared case studies, and participated in panel discussions. Key areas of focus were:

Participation in the Workshop was open to ITU Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academic Institutions and to any individual from a country that is a member of ITU, who wishes to contribute to the work. This includes individuals who are also members of international, regional and national organizations, interested stakeholders, including telecom operators, regulators, SDOs and financial institutes. Participation in the Workshop was free of charge and no fellowships were granted. The Workshop was held in Geneva during ITU-T SG11 meeting. The working language was English only.  

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09:30 - 09:40 ​
Opening Remarks
09:40 - 11:10

​Session 1: Implications of counterfeit Telecommunication/ICT devices/software for economies and consumers and the international fight against counterfeiting​

The session aims to provide an overview of the global impact of counterfeit telecommunication/ICT devices and its effects on both economies and consumers. Additionally, international organizations will shed light on the Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement and their ongoing activities to combat counterfeiting.

Moderator: Joao Alexandre Moncaio Zanon, ANATEL, Brasil​ ​
​11:10 - 11:40

​Coffee Break
11:40 - 13:00
​Session 2: Exploring challenges posed by counterfeit and tampered telecommunication/ICT devices and software

 The session aims to provide an insightful overview of the challenges encountered by relevant stakeholders when dealing with counterfeit and tampered telecommunication/ICT devices and software.

 Biren Karmakar, C-DOT, India
​13:00 - 14:30
14:30 - 15:40
Session 3: Global impact of stolen mobile devices on the telecommunication/ICT industry

 The session focuses on the global impact of stolen mobile devices on the telecommunication/ICT industry. It will provide an overview of the current landscape of mobile device theft, with emphasis on the key challenges faced by the various stakeholders. Additionally, the session will share valuable insights and experiences on measures to address the tampering of unique mobile telecommunication/ICT device identifiers with the aim of preventing tampered and stolen devices from accessing mobile networks.

 Kofi Ntim Yeboah-Kordieh​, NCA, Ghana
​15:40 - 16:10

​Coffee Break​​
​16:10 - 17:10
Session 4: Sharing ITU activities, best practices and innovative technologies to be used for combating counterfeiting and stolen ICT devices

​ The session provides a comprehensive overview of ITU activities, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies which are pivotal in the combat against counterfeiting and stolen ICT devices. Additionally, the session will share experiences on the implementation of ITU-T standardized approaches to be used to address these issues.

 Denis Andreev ITU/TSB, Advisor of ITU-T SG11
​17:10 - 17:30
Panel Discussion: The session runs an open discussion among panelists and all participants. The session will explore various topics including effective strategies to strengthen a​nd enhance international collaboration among different international organizations on addressing these
crucial matters.

​Closing Remarks