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Episode #2: Working Together for DLT Interoperability

During the first episode of the ITU DLT meet-up episode, speakers demonstrated the requirements and challenges of DLT interoperability, and made some proposals for the way forward as well. The attendees all agreed that it is critical to seek closer collaboration between different parties. The second episode focused on how different stakeholders work together to solve the puzzle of DLT interoperability at a global level. The episode aimed to discuss the DLT interoperability related effort of the major opensource communities and SDOs. The discussion also considered the strategy/roadmap of working together on this challenging issue.

Participation in the meet-up was open to ITU Member States, Sector Members, Associates and Academic Institutions and to any individual from a country that is a member of ITU who wished to contribute to the work. This included individuals from the DLT technology and service providers, research institutions, United Nations agencies, regulators, other related professionals, and also members of international, regional and national organizations.​

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Kai Wei
ITU-T Study Group 16 Q22 Rapporteur
Secretary/ General of TBI
​​​Talk #1: Interoperability practice of Ethereum Ecosystem
​​Talk #2: Interoperability practice of Hyperledger Ecosystem
Peter Somogyvari
Technology Architect

Accenture, Hyperledger Cactus

Talk #3: DLT Interoperability study in ISO TC307
ISO TC307 SG7 Convener/  
Ceo & Founder
Quant Network

Talk #4: DLT Interoperability practice in INATBA
Ismael Arribas