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TSAG Reflector on Conformity and Interoperability Issues

TSAG, at its July 2012 meeting, considered that the focus of the ITU C&I programme is on pillars 1 and 2 under the responsibility of the ITU-T and that it would be beneficial to set up a Reflector to enable members to exchange ideas, opinions, experiences and proposals intended to find solutions to try to resolve outstanding issues on an on-going basis and to facilitate, improve and progress the implementation of the ITU C&I Action Plan (C12/48) approved by Council 2012.

The membership will consider contributions to the Council 2012 such as the Business Plan prepared by KPMG (C12/INF/7), the relevant executive summary report (C12/37) approved by the Council-12 and the contribution from USA (C12/73).

The ITU C&I Action Plan is considered by the membership as “ ambitious, even very ambitious “but  with , a “realistic chance to achieve quite a lot” as it has been recognized that it is better focused on specific issues and handled by the Study Groups with an emphasis on market demand as a guiding principle

The reflector is aimed at studying possible way forward to meet expectations from developing countries and to address some constraints and concerns addressed at Council 2012.

The reflector can be accessed by TIES registered ITU members here.