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Question 4/20

​​Data analytics, sharing, processing and management, including big data aspects, of IoT and SC&C

(New study items and continuation of part of Q1/20, part of Q4/20)​

There is an increasing demand for connected cities with pervasive embedded devices to improve quality of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities and Communities (SC&C) services. The evolution of IoT technology with interconnected things conceives a “smart environment” with an autonomous information infrastructure, diverse data sources and more than 50 billion devices within the IoT and SC&C ecosystem.

While traditional information databases and analytics architectures and infrastructures remain essential, with the growing data management demands, specific capabilities and capacities are required to be able to handle diverse and complex data streams from different sources. This data needs to be processed and managed properly to maximize its value in a secure and policy compliant manner, while complementing it with other information sources.

It is important to note that any imperfections within the Data Processing and Management (DPM) framework can adversely affect the quality of services, pose risks associated with security and could hinder the overall urban planning and decision-making process.

In light of the above, IoT and SC&C environments increasingly require defined and comprehensive DPM frameworks and guidelines which incorporate reasonable measures to achieve a layered, data-centric paradigm. Data driven services and applications will be enabled by data analytics incorporated into the data ecosystem using emerging technologies (e.g., blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital twin, etc.) to support IoT and SC&C. Therefore, the Question will identify and study characteristics of emerging DPM systems considering big data aspects of IoT and SC&C.

Implementing feasible DPM guidelines and standards can make the collection, storage and retrieval of large amounts of data fast and cost-effective while addressing data complexities and governance.

Taking into account the data ecosystem that affects various stakeholders, this Question will develop a series of Recommendations on effective DPM, data analytics and sharing for IoT and SC&C.

This Question focuses on DPM, data analytics and sharing including big data aspects for IoT and SC&C.

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