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SG17 Informal FTP Area and mailing lists

​SG17 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2017-2020)

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Important information
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General distribution list of Study Group 17
wp1 t17sg17wp1
Telecommunication/ICT Security
q2 t17sg17q2
Security architecture and framework
q3 t17sg17q3
Telecommunication information security management
q6 t17sg17q6
Security aspects of telecommunication services and networks

q13 t17sg17q13​ t17sg17q13​
​Security aspects for Intelligent Transport System
​(New Question 13/17​)
wp2 t17sg17wp2
Cyberspace security
q4 t17sg17q4
q5 t17sg17q5
Countering spam by technical means
wp3 t17sg17wp3
Application security
q7 t17sg17q7
Secure application services
q8 t17sg17q8
Cloud computing security
q12 t17sg17q12
Formal languages for telecommunication software and testing
wp4 t17sg17wp4
Application security
q9 t17sg17q9
q10 t17sg17q10
Identity management architecture and mechanisms
q11 t17sg17q11
Generic technologies to support secure applications
q1 t17sg17q1​
Telecommunication/ICT security coordination​
lsg-languages t17sg17lsg-languages
LSG role on languages and description techniques
Preparation of SG17 security workshops and any follow-up actions
/temp/(Temporary area - Read+Write access)