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Executive Summary

Meeting of ITU-T SG17 'Security', Geneva, 22-30 January 2019

Hot topics:

  • Quantum Key Distribution Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Security
  • Edge computing security
  • 5G security
  • Post-quantum PKI
  • Cloud-based platform (industrial Internet, etc) security
  • Distributed identity management
  • Malware Analysis
  • Data de-identification

ITU Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Security   

The event was announced by TSB Circular 116 and was attended by 71 participants (including remote participation) from 17 countries.  Outcome of this workshop identified next step advices for SG17 is found at: Report.pdf.

Meeting Output:

  • Approved (TAP) 3 new ITU-T Recommendations. Details are in Annex A a).
  • Agreed 1 new Supplement. Details are in Annex A c).
  • Consented (AAP) 3 new Recommendation/Corrigendum for Last Call. Details are in Annex A e).
  • 10 new work items were agreed to be added to the SG17 work programme. Details are in Annex B.
  • Q2/17 Text revised to highlight new working areas on foundations on AI/ML for ICT security.

Next SG17 meeting:

  • Tuesday 27 August – Thursday 5 September 2019, Geneva, Switzerland (8 working days).
    • Workshop on FinTech security on Monday 26 August 2019, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Tuesday 17 – Thursday 26 March 2020 in Geneva (8 Working days) (to be confirmed)
  • Tuesday 25 August – Thursday 3 September 2020 in Geneva (8 Working days) (to be confirmed)
  • 53 texts are candidate for action in next SG17 meeting, see in Annex A f).
  • Interim RGMs: 8 Questions plan to hold 9 RGMs.
  1.  ​
1.               3/17
In the week of 17 June 2019 e-meeting
  • To address all work items of Q3/17
2.               6/17tbd (May or June 2019)tbd
  • To address all work items and identify future topics for Q6/17
3.               7/1718-19 June 2019ChongQing, China
  • To address all items of Q7/17
4.               8/1711-12 or 13-14 June 2019 (tbd)
Beijing, China
  • To address all items of Q8/17



April 2019e-meeting
  • tbd
6.               ​10/17
June 2019e-meeting
  • tbd



22-26 April 2019
Beijing, China
  • Collaborative meeting ITU-T Q11/17 and ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 6/WG 10
8.               13/17

11-12 June 2019


Beijing, China
  • To address all work items of Q13/17
9.               14/17

May-June 2019 (tbd)e-meeting
  • To address all issue and to identify future topics.

Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG):

  • Welcome and guided tour for newcomers;
  • SG17 orientation session with SG17 overview presentation given by SG17 Chairman;
  • SG17 Counsellor's clinic to answer questions from delegates on ITU-T (SG17) working methods
  • Informal gatherings of SG17RG-AFR and SG17RG-ARB
  • Trial on use of a daily 'check-in' sheet to track and evaluate participation of delegates attending this SG17 meeting on an ITU fellowship

Tutorial presentations:

  • A half-day mini-workshop/showcase (TD1837) on QKD on 23 Jan 2019 for 7 new members who joined SG17 for this subject to explain this new work area
  • Q1-14/17 tutorials (TD1793) to initiate SG17 preparation for WTSA-2020.


  • 178 participants (182 announced): 36 countries, 21 Sector Members, 4 Associates, and 2 Academia. 8 invited experts.
  • 8 partial fellowships granted: Comoros, Congo DRC, Mali, Niger, Palestine, Senegal, Sudan, Syria
  • 3 new associates (Hudson Institue (USA), Quantum Xchange (USA), Cambridge Quantum Computing (UK))
  • 2 new Sector Members from China (QuantumCTek, CAS Quantum Network)
  • 1 New Member State participation: Liberia
  • SG17 vice chairmen absent (6/9): Vasiliy DOLMATOV (Russia), Gökhan EVREN (Turkey), Juan GONZALEZ (USA), Patrick-Kennedy KETTIN ZANGA (Central Africa) and Hugo Darío MIGUEL (Argentina) (Muataz Elsadig ISHAG (Sudan) participated 3 days)

Correspondence Groups:

  • CG-xss (correspondence group on transformation of security study) will continue.
  • CG-sg17-wtsa20-prep (Correspondence Group on SG17 preparation for WTSA-20) was established.

Meeting input and organization:

  • Contributions: 118 - stable (past meetings: 144, 113, 106, 78, 81, 66, 74, 80)
  • Contribution# from: APT (98 (83%) (= China 49 (42%), Korea 41, Japan 7, Malaysia 2)), Americas (12), EUR (9), AFR (3), ARAB (1), LAM (0).    
  • TDs: 380 (previous meeting: 420, 395, 426, 368, 391, 418, 371, 386), including 47 incoming liaison statements and 30 outgoing liaison statements; 80+ prepared by SG17 secretary.
  • 240 sessions (previous meeting: 252, 249, 204) were organized, up to 12 parallel meetings per quarter.
  • 29 sessions (previous meeting: 27, 25, 11) used remote participation

Annex A
Actions taken on Recommendations, and other texts at the 7 September 2018 SG17 plenary

a) TAP Recommendations approved (WTSA-16 Resolution 1):

The SG17 plenary meeting approved (TAP) the following three draft new ITU-T Recommendations in accordance with WTSA-16 Resolution 1, Section 9.

 ​QAcronymTitleNew / RevisedEditor(s)Location of textEquivalent
e.g., ISO/IEC
Start of workTiming of approval
1.       4X.1215
Use cases for structured threat information expressionNewIk-Kyun Kim, Jihye Kim,
Jong-Hyun Kim, Heung Youl Youm
2.       5X.1249
Technical framework for countering mobile in-application advertising spamNewHongwei Luo,
Laifu Wang,
Xin Wang
3.       6 (,2)X.1042 (X.sdnsec-1)Security services using the software-defined networkingNewHyoungshick Kim,
JungSoo Park

Approval of the above Recommendations will be announced by TSB Circular in Feb 2019.

b) TAP Recommendations not approved (WTSA-16 Resolution 1):


c) Amendment approved, Corrigendum approved, Supplements agreed:

The SG17 plenary meeting agreed the following new Supplement:

 QAcronymTitleNew / RevisedEditor(s)Location of TextEquivalent
e.g., ISO/IEC
Start of workTiming
  1.  ​

3X.Suppl.34 (ex X.sup-myuc)
Supplement to ITU-T X.1051
Code of practice for information security controls based on ITU-T X.1051 for telecommunication organizations information and network security management
NewThaib Mustafa,
Rafeah Omar
TD1966 2017-092019-01

d) Recommendations determined (TAP – WTSA-16 Resolution 1):


e) AAP Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation ITU-T A.8):

The SG17 plenary meeting gave consent (AAP) to the following three new ITU-T Recommendations and Technical Corrigendum for Last Call according to Recommendation ITU-T A.8:

 QAcronymTitleNew / RevisedEditor​(s)Location of textEquivalent
e.g., ISO/IEC
Start of workTiming
1.                2
X.1043 (ex X.sdnsec-3)
Security framework and requirements of service function chain based on software-defined networkingNewZhiyuan Hu,
JungSoo Park,
Junjie Xia,  
Feng Zhang,
Xiaojun Zhuang, Min Zuo
TD1903R4 2017-03
2.                9X.1094 (ex
Telebiometric authentication using bio-signalsNewJason Kim,
Sam Lee
3.                11X.894 Cor.1Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) profileNewJean-Paul LemaireTD1867

ISO/IEC 24824-4



These Recommendations will enter AAP Last call in Feb 2019.

f) Work items planned for action in next SG17 meeting:


 QAcronymTitleNew / RevisedEditor(s)Location of textEquivalent
e.g., ISO/IEC
Start of workTiming
1.       2X.sscSecurity service chain architecture and its applicationNewZhiyuan Hu,
Min Shu,
Ye Tao,
Xiaojun Zhuang,
Min Zuo
TD1909R2 2017-092019-09
2.                2X.srnvSecurity requirements of network virtualizationNewDi Liu,
Min Shu,
Ye Tao,
Min Zuo
TD1919 2017-092019-09
3.                3X.grmRisk management implementation guidance on the assets of telecommunication organizations accessible by global IP-based networksNewYunbo Feng,
Bo Yu,
Chen Zhang

TD1491R1 2014-092019-09
4.                4X.qrng-aQuantum Noise Random Number Generator Architecture  New Matthieu Legré, Zhangchao Ma
Hao Qin, 
Dong-Hi Sim 
TD1979R2 2018-092019-09
5.                4TR.sec-qkd**Security framework for Quantum Key Distribution in Telecom networkNewDong-Hi Sim
TD1950R1  2019-09
6.                5X.tfcas Technical framework for countering advertising spam in user generated information"  New

Kepeng Li,
Zhaoji Lin, Keundug Park, Feng Zhang

TD1922R1 2017-032019-09
7.                6X.1197 Amd.1**Amendment 1 of ITU-T Recommendation X.1197, Guidelines on criteria for selecting cryptographic algorithms for IPTV service and content protectionNewStiepan KovacTD1930R1 2019-012019-09
8.                6X.sgsec-3*Security guidelines for smart metering service in smart gridsNewGunhee Lee
TD1879 2016-092019-09
9.                6X.nb-iot*Security requirements and framework for narrow band internet of thingsNewFeng Gao,
Junjie Xia,
Heung Youl Youm,
Bo Yu
TD1883 2017-092019-09
10.              6X.ibc-iot*Security framework for use of identity-based cryptography in support of IoT services over telecom networksNewZhaohui Cheng
Haiguang Wang,
Jiang Yu,
TD1874R2 2017-092019-09
11.              6X.secup-iot*Secure software update procedure for IoT devicesNewYunchul Choi
Koji Nakao,
Takeshi Takahashi
TD1959R1 2017-092019-09
12.              6X.iotsec-3*Technical framework of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) handling system in IoT environmentNewYutaka Miyake,
Bo Yu
TD1942R1 2017-032019-09
13.              7X.fdip*Framework of de-identification processing service for telecommunication service providersNewYe Won Lee
Hyungjin, Lim,
Lijun Liu,​​Jongyoul Park,
Heung Youl Youm
TD1974R1  2019-09
14.              7X.sfopSecurity framework of open platform for FinTech servicesNewFeng Gao,
HyungJin LimJae Hoon Nah,
Wesley Wang
TD1897R1  2019-09
15.              8X.SRIaaS*Security Requirements of Public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Cloud ComputingNewHuamin Jin, 
Laifu Wang, 
Mengxi Wang,
Shuai Wang 
TD1920R2  2019-09
16.              8X.GSBDaaS*Guidelines on security of Big Data as a ServiceNewMark McFadden,
Nan Meng, Chen Zhang 
TD1941  2019-09
17.              8X.SRNaaS*Security Requirements of Network as a Service (NaaS) in Cloud ComputingNewZhiyuan Hu,
Ye Tao,
Chen Zhang, 
Ni Zhang
TD1895  2019-09
18.              8X.sgtBD*Security guidelines of lifecycle management for telecom Big DataNewFeng Gao,
Jin Peng
Lanfang Ren 
TD1936R1  2019-09
19.              10X.eaasd*Framework of enhanced authentication in telebiometric environments using anti-spoofing detection mechanismsNew

Xiaoyuan Bai, 
Hongwei Luo

TD1955  2019-08
20.              10X.Sup-1254**Supplement to X.1254 on use cases and high level abstract implementationsNew

Junjie Xia,
Bo Yu,
Feng Zhang

TD1958  2019-08
21.              11X.uav-oidIdentification mechanism for unmanned aerial vehicles using object identifiersNewWenjing MaTD1887R4  2019-08
22.              11X.500rev

Information technology – The Directory –  Overview of concepts, models and servicesRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-1 2019-08
23.              11X.501rev

Information technology – The Directory –  ModelsRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-2 2019-08
24.              11X.509revInformation technology – The Directory – Public-key and attribute certificate frameworksRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-8 2019-08
25.              11X.511revInformation technology – The Directory – Abstract service definitionRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-3 2019-08
26.              11X.518revInformation technology – The Directory – Procedures for distributed operationRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-4 2019-08
27.              11X.519revInformation technology – The Directory – Protocol specificationsRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-5 2019-08
28.              11X.520revInformation technology – The Directory – Selected attribute typesRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-6 2019-08
29.              11X.521revInformation technology – The Directory – Selected object classesRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-7 2019-08
30.              11X.525revInformation technology – The Directory – The Directory: ReplicationRevErik Andersen ISO/IEC 9594-9 2019-08
31.              11X.509 Cor. 1Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - The Directory: Public-key and attribute certificate frameworks  RevErik Andersen 

ISO/IEC 9594-8 Cor 1

32.              11X.694 Cor. 1Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: Mapping W3C XML schema definitions into ASN.1  RevPaul Thorpe ISO/IEC 8825-5 Cor 1 2019-08
33.              11X.893 Cor.1Information technology - Generic applications of ASN.1: Fast infoset security  RevPaul Thorpe ISO/IEC 24824-3 Cor 1 2019-08
34.              12Z.100revSpecification and Description Language - Overview of SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1801R1 2017-092019-09
35.              12Z.100 Annex F1-revSpecification and Description Language - Overview of SDL-2010 - SDL formal definition: General overviewRevRick Reed, Edel SherrattTD1809R1 
36.              12Z.100 Annex F2-revSpecification and Description Language - Overview of SDL-2010 - SDL formal definition: Static semanticsRevRick Reed, Edel SherrattTD1810R1 2018-092019-09
37.              12Z.100 Annex F3-revSpecification and Description Language - Overview of SDL-2010 - SDL formal definition: Dynamic semanticsRevRick Reed, Edel SherrattTD1811R1 2018-092019-09
38.              12Z.101revSpecification and Description Language - Basic SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1802R1 2017-092019-09
39.              12Z.102revSpecification and Description Language - Comprehensive SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1803R1 2017-092019-09
40.              12Z.103revSpecification and Description Language - Shorthand notation and annotation in SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1804R1 2017-092019-09
41.              12Z.104revSpecification and Description Language - Data and action language in SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1805R1 2017-092019-09
42.              12Z.105revSpecification and Description Language - SDL-2010 combined with ASN.1 modulesRevRick ReedTD1806R1 2017-092019-09
43.              12Z.106revSpecification and Description Language - Common interchange format for SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1807R1 2017-092019-09
44.              12Z.107revSpecification and Description Language - Object-oriented data in SDL-2010RevRick ReedTD1808R1 2017-092019-09
45.              12Z.161Testing and Test Control Notation version 3: TTCN-3 core languageRevDieter Hogrefe ETSI ES 201 873-12018-092019-09
46.              12Z.161.2revTesting and Test Control Notation version 3: TTCN-3 language extensions: Configuration and deployment supportRevDieter Hogrefe ETSI ES 202 7812018-092019-09
47.              12Z.161.6revTesting and Test Control Notation version 3: TTCN-3 language extensions: Advanced MatchingRevDieter Hogrefe ETSI ES 203 0222018-092019-09
48.              12Z.166revTesting and Test Control Notation version 3: TTCN-3 control interface (TCI)RevDieter Hogrefe ETSI ES 201 873-62018-092019-09
49.              12Z.169revTesting and Test Control Notation version 3: Using XML schema with TTCN-3RevDieter Hogrefe ETSI ES 201 873-92018-092019-09
50.              12Z.Imp100-rev**Z.Imp100 Specification and Description Language Implementer's guide – Version 4.0RevRick ReedTD1813 2018-092019-09
51.              13X.itssec-2*Security guidelines for V2X communication systemsNewChangOh Kim, 
Sang-Woo Lee,
Jae-Hoon Nah,
Seungwook Park
TD1913R1 2014-092019-09
52.              13X.stcv*Security threats in connected vehiclesNewChangOh Kim
Sang-Woo Lee,

Koji Nakao,
Seungwook Park
TD1949R1 2018-032019-09
53.              14X.sct-dltX.sct-dlt, Security threats to Distributed Ledger TechnologyNew
Zhaoji Lin, 
Ke Wang,
Kai Wei
Junjie Xia, Heung Youl Youm,
Min Zuo 
TD1891R1 2017-092019-09


Annex B
New work items

The following 11 new work items were agreed to be added to the SG17 Work Programme:

 QAcronymTitleNew/ RevisedAAP/TAP/ AgreementEditor(s)Location of textEquivalent
e.g., ISO/IEC
1.                3X.ciagCyber insurance acquisition guideline for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services providerNewAAPThaib Mustafa,
Ong Yew Seng
TD1963R1 2021-09
2.                4X.sec-QKDN-ovSecurity Requirements for QKD Networks - Overview


Matthieu Legré,
Zhangchao Ma
Hao Qin,

Dong-Hi Sim

TD1904R7 2019-09
3.                4X.sec_QKDN-kmSecurity Requirements for QKD Networks - Key Management

Kaoru Kenyoshi
Jiajun Ma,
Zhangchao Ma, 
Dong-Hi Sim

TD1900R3 2019-09
4.      ​-QKDNUse of cryptographic functions on a key generated in  Quantum Key Distribution networks NewAAP

Matthieu Legré,
Dong-Hi Sim

TD1953R2 2019-09
5.                4X.rdmase

Requirements and Guidelines for Dynamic Malware Analysis in a Sandbox Environment


Sheng Gao,
Zhaoji Lin,​Tian Tian,
Jigang Wang, Hanbing Yan




​Description of the incubation mechanism and ways to improve it​​
Youki Kadobayashi, Zhaoji Lin, Kyeong Hee Oh, Arnaud Taddei

​Strategic approaches to the transformation of security studies
Youki Kadobayashi, Zhaoji Lin, Kyeong Hee Oh, Arnaud Taddei​​


  1. ​​​
​Amendment 1 of ITU-T Recommendation X.1197, Guidelines on criteria for selecting cryptographic algorithms for IPTV service and content protection
​Stiepan Kovac
9.                6X.5Gsec-ecs*Security framework for 5G edge computing services
Feng Gao,
Jae Hoon Nah,
Junjie Xia,
Bo Yu,
Xiaojun Zhuang
TD1928R1 2021-03
10.                6X.5Gsec-guide*Security guidelines for 5G communication system based on ITU-T X.805New TAPMee Yeon Kim,
Keundug Park,
Heung Youl Youm
TD1939R2 2021-09
11.                7X.rdda*Requirements for data de-identification assuranceNewTAPFeng Gao,
Yewon Lee, Hyungjin Lim
TD2000R1 2021-Q1
12.                8X.sgdc*Security guidelines for distributed cloudNewTAPJinfeng Kou, Mark Mcfadden,
Ye Tao,
Lei Xu, Laifu Wang
TD1921R2 2021-1Q
13.              8X.sr_cphrSecurity specification for Industrial Internet Cloud-based PlatformNewAAPJie Ma,
Nan Meng,​Yaping Sun, Huirong Tian​
TD1937R4 2021-1Q



(1)    Target date for consent or determination of Recommendations or for agreement of Supplements or non-normative text.
*: for determination, **: for agreement



Annex C
Work items Removed

The following work item was agreed to be removed (discontinued) from the SG17 work programme:

Specification and Description Language - Unified modeling language profile for SDL-2010