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Executive Summary, SG12, May 2019

​​​​​​​​​​Executive summary: Meeting of ITU-T Study Group 12 (Performance, Quality of Service, Quality of Experience), Geneva, 7-16 May 2019

Note: This is not an official record and is subject to correction or modification


ITU-T Study Group 12 held its fifth meeting of the study period in Geneva, 7-16 May 2019. The meeting was attended by ​116 participants from 46​ countries. 25 delegates exclusively used the remote participation facilities.

The meeting received 76 Contributions​ and handled 180 TDs​. Delegates reviewed 53 incoming Liaison statements and adopted 18 outgoing Liaison statements.

One Recommendation was determined, and eleven Recommendations were consented (4 new, 5 revised, 1 Amendment, 1 Corrigendum) by the meeting (see below for details). The meeting agreed on one informative Amendment.

A webinar (announcement | recording | slides) was held on 16 May 2019​ following the closing plenary, summarizing key meeting results.​

Major accomplishments

Completed work - Traditional Approval Process (TAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Question Reference New/Rev Title TSB Circular
E.80512/12 TD891R2NewStrategies to establish quality regulatory frameworks​forthcoming

Completed work - Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Question Reference New/Rev​ Title AAP/Last Call
E.80612/12 TD837R4NewMeasurement campaigns, monitoring systems and sampling methodologies to monitor the QoS in mobile networksAAP​-59
G.107.115/12 TD879RevWideband E-modelAAP-59
G.107.215/12 TD877NewFullband E-modelAAP-59
G.102811/12 TD826R1RevEnd-to-end quality of service for voice over 4G mobile networksAAP-59
G.1028.212/12 TD821R2NewAssessment of the LTE circuit switched fall back - impact on voice QoSAAP-59
P.10/G.100 Amd.1​2/12TD869​AmdVocabulary for performance, quality of service and quality of experience - Amendment 1: New definitions for inclusion in Recommendation ITU-T P.10/G.100​AAP-59
P.645/12TD868R1​​RevDetermination of sensitivity/frequency characteristics of local telephone systems​AAP-59
​P.700​5/12 ​TD892R3​NewCalculation of loudness for speech communication​AAP-59
P.863.19/12 TD829R2RevApplication guide for Recommendation ITU-T P.863AAP-59
P.1201.2 Cor.214/12 TD906CorParametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality – Higher resolution application area - Corrigendum 2AAP-59
Y.154017/12 TD872R2RevInternet protocol data communication service – IP packet transfer and availability performance parametersAAP-59

Completed work - Agreement

ITU-T Rec. No. Question Reference New/Rev Title Level
G.113 Amd.211/12 TD878AmdTransmission impairments due to speech processing - Amendment 2: New Appendix V – Provisional planning values for the fullband equipment impairment factor and the fullband packet loss robustness factorSG12 plenary

New work items

SG12 established work items for new Recommendations on the following topics:
(1) ​ QoE assessment of eXtended Reality (XR) meetings (P.QXM);
(2) ​ Guide for development of machine learning based solutions (P.MLGuide);
(3) ​ Extension of the E-model for wireless communication systems (G.EEMWCS);
(4) ​ Methodology for QoE testing of digital financial services (P.DFSm); and
(5) ​ QoE metrics for mobile telephony communication during rail travel (G.RTM).

WTSA matters

Implementation of WTSA Resolution 95 (ITU-T initiatives to raise awareness on best practices and policies related to service quality) is progressing.

The web page containing information on a questionnaire released by SG12 on the status of national quality regu​latory frameworks, as well as country case studies and SG12 activities to implement the Resolution was updated, see

In response to WTSA-16 Resolution 95, SG12 determined draft new Recommendation ITU-T E.805 – Strategies to establish quality regulatory frameworks (ex E.RQUAL), and consented draft new Recommendation ITU-T E.806 – Measurement campaigns, monitoring systems and sampling methodologies to monitor the QoS in mobile networks (ex E.MTSM). Work on Res.95-related draft Recommendations progressed, in particular in Question 12/12.

The meeting saw the launch of the preparations for WTSA-2020. The Chairman invited delegates to review the SG12 mandate, lead study group roles, points of guidance, and Question texts.

Other activities

Approximately 15 delegates from 8 countries attended the SG12 newcomers’ session.

SG12 in the news

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