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SG5 Informal FTP Area and mailing lists

​SG5 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2017-2020)

Structure of SG 5 informal FTP areaMailing list ArchivesMailing lists
Important information
/docs/(Mirror of the meeting documents in DMS - Read access only)
/exchange/(Working and exchange area organized by SG structure - Read+Write access for the folders below)
plen t17sg5all
General Distribution
List of Study Group 5
q8 ​t17sg5q8​
Guides and terminology on environment 
wp1 t17sg5wp1
EMC, lightning protection, EMF
q1 t17sg5q1
Electrical protection, reliability, safety and security of ICT systems
​q2 t17sg5q2
Protecting equipment and devices against lightning and other electrical events
q3 t17sg5q3
Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to digital technologies
q4 t17sg5q4​
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) aspects in ICT environment

Environment, Energy Efficiency and the Circular Economy
q6 t17sg5q6
Environmental efficiency of digital technologies
​q7 t17sg5q7​
E-waste, circular economy and sustainable supply chain management
q9 t17sg5q9​
Climate change and assessment of digital technologies in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement

Climate change mitigation and smart energy solutions

Adaptation to climate change through sustainable and resilient digital technologies

Building circular and sustainable cities and communities
afr t17sg5rg​afr
Regional Group of SG5 for Africa
Regional Group of SG5 for the Arab Region (SG5RG-ARB)​
latam t17sg5rg​latam
Regional Group of SG5 for the Americas (SG5RG-AMR)​​
ap   ​t17sg5rgap ​
Regional Group of SG5 for Asia and the Pacific (SG5RG-AP)
/temp/(Temporary area - Read+Write access)