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Question 2/20

​Question 2/20 - Requirements and use cases for IoT

(Continuation of part of Question 2/13)

With the ever increasing number of services and applications, demand for studying the requirements and use cases for IoT has been steadily increasing. Emerging IoT services and applications are placing more and more requirements on networks and the provisioning of new services. One essential objective is the maximization of the usage of common requirements in order to provide support to a broad range of IoT services and applications in different vertical markets, in cost efficient, multi-vendor and easily deployable ways over converged infrastructures.

Emerging services and applications to be considered include:

Consideration will also be given to applications and services based on the integration of the aforementioned services and applications with advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The following major Recommendations, fall under the responsibility of this Question:Question
This Question addresses the support of emerging services and applications for IoT. On the basis of use cases and related ecosystem aspects, the requirements imposed on IoT will be specified.

Study items include, but are not limited to:Tasks
Tasks include, but are not limited to:The latest work programme under the responsibility of this Question is available at:

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