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Executive summary: July and December 2013

6 December 2013
ITU-T Working Party 1/15
Transport aspects of access, home and smart grid networks
Working Party 1/15 Chairman: Tom Starr

Working Party 1/15 (Transport aspects of access, home and smart grid networks) met on 6 December 2013 in Geneva under the chairmanship of Mr. Tom Starr (AT&T).
The agenda is provided in TD212/WP1. The meeting agenda was reviewed and agreed.

The following items were provided for action at this meeting:

  • Three new Recommendations were Consented:
    • ITU-T G.989.2 specifying 40 Gigabit capable NG-PON2 PMD.
    • ITU-T G.9979 (ex G.99xx) specifying the addition of and HPNA technologies to the IEEE 1905.1 standard.  It was noted that Q8/15 will prepare a liaison to the IEEE responding to their recent liaison and indicating that approval of this Recommendation if this becomes redundant as the result of subsequent action by the IEEE.
    • ITU-T G.9701 ( PHY) specifying transceivers supporting up to 1 Gbit/s over short copper wire pairs.
  • One revised Recommendation was Determined:
    • ITU-T G.9901 for Smart Grid transceivers.
  • 5 revised Recommendations were Consented:
    • ITU-T G.984.3 GPON and G.987.3 XG-PON.
    • ITU-T G.9903 for Smart Grid transceivers.
    • ITU-T G.9961 and G.9962 for home networking.
  • Nine amendments to existing Recommendations were Consented.
  • Two corrigenda for existing Recommendations were Consented.
  • Four outgoing liaisons statements approved.
  • 21 interim rapporteur meeting reports and issues lists were approved. 

 1-12 July 2013

ITU-T Study Group 15
Networks, Technologies and Infrastructures for Transport, Access and Home
Study Group 15 Chairman: Stephen Trowbridge

Study Group 15 held its first meeting of the 2013-2016 study period in Geneva from 1-12 July 2013, attended by 349 delegates representing 37 countries. The meeting reviewed the mandate and text of the questions assigned to SG15 in C0001, established the Study Group structure, appointed the Working Party chairmen and vice-chairmen, Rapporteurs and Associate Rapporteurs, and Liaison Rapporteurs.

The meeting received 437 contributions and 530 TDs, similar in numbers of input documents to plenary sessions of the previous study period. The meeting observed the 12-day contribution deadline of revised Recommendation ITU-T A.1, and 85% of the contributions to this meeting were submitted using Direct Document Posting (DDP).
SG15 approved three texts (one new Recommendation, one Corrigendum and one Amendment) and consented 52 texts (9 new Recommendations, 12 revised Recommendations, 25 amendments, and 4 corrigenda). Agreement was reached on one corrigendum and one amendment.
A key result of the meeting was the determination of new Recommendation ITU-T G.9700, Fast Access to Subscriber Terminals - Power spectral density specification, the first in a series of new Recommendations to provide broadband access speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s over copper telephone wires. See press release.
SG15 authorized 25 interim Rapporteur group meetings to be held prior to the next SG15 plenary, numerous virtual meetings, and generated 34 liaison statements.
A plenary of WP1/15 will be held on 6 December 2013 in Geneva. The next full plenary meeting of SG15 will be held 24 March-4 April 2014 in Geneva.
Executive Reports from Working Party Chairmen
WP1/15 - Transport aspects of access, home and smart grid networks
WP1 Chairman: Tom Starr
WP1/15 met during 1-12 July, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.  An interim WP1/15 meeting will be held December 6, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland to address Consent of,, G.989.3, G.multi, G.poc, G.9903, and G.99xx (IEEE 1905.1 extension Rec.) related texts and other business as needed.
Q1/15 met 10 July, 2013.  The ANT Standards Overview and Work Plan were revised and new versions were produced.  A list of conformance and interoperability activities relating to WP1/15 Recommendations was prepared for liaison to ITU-T SG11 and JCA-CIT.  Due to a new professional assignment, Mr Jay resigned as Rapporteur at the end of this meeting.   Jean-Marie Fromenteau of Corning was appointed as Q1/15 Rapporteur following this meeting.
Q2/15 met 4-10 July 2013 with G.9801 (G.epon) Consented.  Major topics included G.989.2, G.987.3, G.984.3Rev2, G.984.5Rev, G.epon, G.988 Amd.1, G.multi, and discussion of collaboration with IEEE-SA.
Q4/15 met for nine days during this meeting with G.9700 ( Determined and several amendments and corrigenda for DSL-related Recommendations Consented.  Major topics included, vectoring, and DSL low power modes.
Q15/15 met for four days during this meeting with G.cmsr, G.9959 Amd.1 and G.9902 Amd.2 Consented and the first issue of the Smart Grid Standards Overview and Work Plan agreed.
Q18/15 met for six days during this meeting with Consent of G.9962 Amd.1.  With the completion of comment consideration, three Recommendations were Approved.  G.99xx, “ITU-T Extension to the IEEE 1905.1 2013 Standard”, was prepared for Consent, and the Study Group meeting decided to defer Consent to provide time for coordination with IEEE on this matter.
  • Three new draft new Recommendation(s) were agreed for forwarding to the SG15 plenary for Consent
  • No draft revised Recommendation(s) was agreed for forwarding to the SG15 plenary for Consent
  • 12 draft amendments and corrigenda to existing Recommendations were agreed for forwarding to the SG15 plenary for Consent
  • Three Recommendations for Approval.
  • Nine draft Liaison Statements were prepared
  • 38 interim Rapporteurs’ meetings and teleconferences are planned
WP2/15 -     Optical technologies and physical infrastructures
WP2 Chairman: Francesco Montalti
WP2/15 met during 1-12 July, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. An interim Rapporteur group meeting was held in Dallas (March 2013).
Q5/15 addressed the revision of the Recomendatiosn on optical fibres G.652 and G.654, as well as the compatibility issues with G.657. The results of a Round Robin Test on MPI were discussed and the agreement with the results obtained were noted. G.650.1 Cor.1 was proposed for Consent.
Q6/15 progressed on the revision of G.680, G.959.1, G.697, G.698.2 G.698.3 and G.sup39. The current highest priority of Q6/15 is to establish sets of parameters and associated values to enable multi-vendor interoperability for the various modulation formats for 40G and 100G application codes in a revision of G.698.2 and the study of technical solutions to satisfy the agreed requirements for low-cost metro applications on the basis of wavelength
Q7/15 held a meeting with IEC SC86B on the issue Beginning of Life (BoL) versus End of Life (EoL) in the specification of the parameters of passive components. The discussion clarified the different approach of the two Standardization bodies. While Q7/15 will continue to use the EoL approach in system design, it has to be taken into account for the development of the network the fact that the performances of   products available on the market are based on BoL approach enforced by statistical evaluations to guarantee a typical lifetime. Q7/15 also addressed the revision of the L.36 on optical connectors, including also the new family of field mountable connectors.
Q8/15 addressed the revision of the Recommendations on optical submarine systems and produced a G.975.1 Cor.2 was proposed for agreement.
Q16/15 started activity on two new work items, dealing respectively with micro-technologies for the construction of the optical infrastructure in the access area and optical cross connect cabinets for outdoor installation. The Approval of will open to Q16/15 a wide area of activity as this technology will imply the development of new components as well as installation procedures for outside plant, to be standardized in close cooperation with Operators and Vendors.
Q17/15 continued the study of L.gpms and L.omtl. L.25 will be revised as the "umbrella Recommendation" for all maintenance activities.
WP2/15 has set up a drafting group for the updating of G.sup42 and the technical paper "guide to the use of L-series ITU-T Recommendations" with the goal to have a text for agreement ready for the next meeting (March 2014).
  • Four draft Liaison Statements were prepared.
  • An interim meeting of Q6/15 is planned for October 2013.
WP3/15 - Transport network characteristics
WP3 Chairman: Ghani Abbas
In its first meeting in the new study period WP3/15 presented six new and twelve revised Recommendations for Consent, together with fifteen amendments and two corrigenda. One amendment was presented for agreement.
In fulfilling of its Optical Technology and Optical Transport Network co-ordination role, WP3/15 updated the Optical and other Transport Networks & Technologies Standardization Work Plan.
In the area of Optical Transport Network (OTN), a new amendment to G.709 was Consented. The amendment provides a specification for a low latency 1.25G, OTU0LL, for use at the edges of OTN networks.  The mapping of an ODU0 into this OTU0LL and a specification for the transport of OCh overhead over a multi vendor IaDI were also included in the amendment to G.709. An amendment to G.798.1 was also Consented. The amendment adds a new functionality of converged packet and optical transport equipment with SDH cross-connection. An amendment to the Architecture of Optical Transport Networks Recommendation G.872 was consented. A corrigendum to the OTN terminology document G.870 was also consented.
The OTN management Recommendation G.874 was revised and consented. An amendment was prepared and Consented to G.874.1 Optical transport network (OTN): Protocol-neutral management information model for the network element view. Additionally an amendment to G.7712, Architecture and Specification of data communication network, was Consented.
An amendment to Characteristics of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Equipment Functional Blocks Recommendation G.783 was consented. The amendments add text to the required OSM256.4/RSn_A adaptation function for OSM256.4 interface support.
Recommendation G.703 Amd.1 was consented.  This amendment adds specifications for the physical layer of the new time synchronization interfaces defined in G.8271.
In the area of Ethernet over Transport, amendments to G.8021 (Equipment specification) and G.8031 (Linear Protection) were consented. An amendment to the ring protection Recommendation G.8032 was agreed. The Ethernet terminology Recommendation G.8001 and the OAM Recommendation G.8013/Y.1731were revised and consented. The Ethernet Services recommendations G.8011.x were revised and consented. The Ethernet Transport network element management requirement Recommendation G.8051 was revised and consented. A new Recommendation G.8052 Protocol-neutral management information model for the Ethernet Transport network element was prepared and consented.
The generic protection switching-ring protection Recommendation G.808.2 was prepared and consented.
Significant progresses was also made on transport of frequency, time and phase over packet networks, including a new Recommendation G.8271.1 for Network requirements for the transport of phase and time, a new Recommendation G.8273 for Framework of Phase and Time clocks and a new Recommendation G.8275 for Time and phase distribution through packet networks. G.8261 for Timing and Synchronization Aspects of Packet Networks was revised. Amendments to G.8260 (Definitions and Terminology for Synchronization in Packet Networks), G.8271 (Time and phase synchronization Aspects of Packet Networks), G.8272  (Timing characteristics of Primary Reference Time Clock) and G.8263 (Timing characteristics of packet-based equipment clocks) were consented.


In the area of MPLS-TP, G.8101 (terms and definitions) was revised. Additionally, the equipment Recommendations (G.8121-series) and the management Recommendation (G.8151) were consented. It was also agreed to move the OAM Recommendations G.8113.1 and G.8113.2 from TAP to AAP and consequently amendments to these Recommendations were consented.


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