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Meeting Executive Summary


16 September 2011
Study Group 15 Chairman: Yoichi Maeda


In accordance with the decisions taken at the last meeting of SG15 in February, interim meetings of Study Group 15, Working Party 1/15 and Working Party 3/15 were held in Geneva in order to take actions on draft Recommendations as interim activities. These meetings ran in series in English only and in paperless manner on 16 September 2011.
The SG15 plenary meeting determined one draft Recommendation, consented 14 draft Recommendations and agreed one Supplement. The meeting also agreed to delete one Recommendation.
The meeting approved the SG15’s appointment of Mr. Frank Van Der Putten for the acting Working Party 1 Chairman on behalf of Mr. Tom Starr.
Working Party 1/15 - Transport aspects of Access networks and home networking
WP1/15 Chairman (Acting): Frank Van Der Putten
The Q1/15 home network architecture work resulted in consent of a new Recommendation ITU-T G.9973 on detection of the home network topology.
The Q4/15 home networking activities resulted in consent of a new Recommendation ITU-T G.9963 specifying MIMO transmission for and in consent of a revision of Recommendation ITU-T G.9960 (which includes corrigendum and amendment material, and has all spectrum related components removed and specified in the new consented Recommendation ITU-T G.9964).
The Q4/15 DSL activities covered ADSL2(plus), VDSL2, retransmission and vectoring technologies, and their related management. G.995.1, an overview of DSL Recommendations was updated and agreed as a new supplement G.sup50. Eight new corrigenda or amendments related to the G.99x series reached consent. New functionalities added include ADSL2 low power extensions, new VDSL2 band plans for Europe region for tactical deployments from the distribution point, full vectoring friendly VDSL2 operation, and management extensions for crosstalk monitoring in vectored systems.
Working Party 3/15 –Transport network structures
WP3/15 Chairman: Stephen J Trowbridge
WP3 prepared two new Recommendations and one Corrigendum for consent, and prepared three liaison statements in order to inform other standards development organizations of these results. In the area of Optical Transport Networking (OTN), a new Recommendation was prepared to specify a mechanism for hitless resizing of ODUflex(GFP) signals (new Recommendation G.7044/Y.1347). A globally unique MEG_ID format was agreed for use in Ethernet OAM (G.8013/Y.1731 Cor. 1). A Recommendation specifying OAM mechanisms for MPLS-TP networks using the tools defined for MPLS was completed (new Recommendation G.8113.2/Y.1372.2).
Study Group 15 organization and structure
The SG15 Chairman requested the members for their contributions to the next SG15 meeting in December 2011 on proposed updates to the Questions and Study Group structure for the next study period. Ad-Hoc meetings on the new SG15 structure will be arranged during the December SG15 meeting to discuss an initial proposal from SG15 to the TSAG meeting in January 2012 to contribute to the discussion for the WTSA-12.
The Rapporteur of Q4/15 provided a view of re-organization of Q4/15. Contributions are invited to the next SG15 meeting on the re-organization of Q4/15. The re-structuring of Q4/15 will be concluded at the next SG15 closing plenary based on the experimental trail.
New direct document posting system
The new direct document posting system was introduced for submission of contributions. SG15 uses it as one of the submission methods for the next December SG15 meeting. The availability of this new system will be announced in the collective letter for the December meeting.


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