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Study Group 13 (Study Period 2013-2016)

Future networks including cloud computing, mobile and NGN

Study Group 13 is for studies relating to the requirements, architectures, capabilities and mechanisms of future networks including studies relating to service awareness, data awareness, environmental awareness and socio-economic awareness of future networks. Responsible for studies relating to cloud computing technologies such as virtualization, resource management, reliability and security. Responsible for studies relating to network aspects of IoT and network aspects of mobile telecommunication networks, including International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) and IMT-Advanced, wireless Internet, mobility management, mobile multimedia network functions, internetworking and enhancements to existing ITU T Recommendations on IMT. Also responsible for studies relating to NGN/IPTV enhancements, including requirements, capabilities, architectures and implementation scenarios, deployment models, and coordination across Study Groups.

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Recommendations under SG13 responsibility