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Executive Summary of Study Group 12 meeting (Geneva, 5-14 May 2015)

The meeting was attended by 108 people from 36 countries.  It received 45 Contributions and handled 174 TDs.  There were 41 incoming Liaison statements and created 17 outgoing Liaison statements.  Twelve Recommendations were consented and one informative text was agreed.  There was a tutorial webinar for summarizing the results of the meeting immediately after the closing plenary on 14 May.

Results from groups directly belong to Plenary

  • Handled numerous incoming Liaison statements which were related to workprogramme and entire SG12 activities drafting replies as appropriate.
  • Developed plans to progress the work on Bridging the Standardization Gap (BSG) issues.
      •  E-learning course on QoS: SG12 reviewed the draft material and provided feedbacks.
  • Examined the SG12 Workprogramme.
  • Coordination of activities on QoS and QoE within ITU was discussed 
      • It was identified that the draft Recommendation ITU-T Q.QMS “The Framework of the QoS/QoE Monitoring system”, which is under development within ITU-T SG11, is conflicting with substantial work on QoS/QoE monitoring conducted in SG12, reflected in standards such as P.564, P.1201, P.1202 and the running work items P.NATS and P.INQX.  To clarify the situation and mitigate the problem, a Liaison Statement was sent to ITU-T SG11.
  • Consented the following Recommendations:
      • Revised Recommendation ITU-T G.100.1 “The use of the decibel and of relative levels in speechband telecommunications”
      • Amendment 4 to Recommendation ITU-T P.10/G.100 “Vocabulary for performance and quality of service”
  • Handbook on “ITU-T Recommendations under Study Group 12 responsibility” was discussed
Regional Group for Africa
  • Reviewed and updated its workprogramme
  • Planned the next SG12 RG-AFR meeting, which is to be collocated with a Regional Standardization Forum (see “Future meetings and workshops” for more details)
Quality of service development group (QSDG)
  • Updated the QSDG Workprogramme for 2015/2016 and planned the next meetings and workshops (see "Future meetings and workshops" for more details).

Results from working parties

Working Party 1/12 Recommendations:

Consented four Recommendations:
  • Revised ITU-T P.313 “Transmission characteristics for cordless and mobile digital terminals”
  • New ITU-T P.1130 (ex. P.VSSR) “SubSystem Requirements for Automotive Speech Services”
  • New ITU-T P.1140 (ex. P.emergency) “Speech communication requirements for emergency calls originating from vehicles”
  • ITU-T P.501/Amd.3 “Test signals for use in telephonometry – Amendment 3: New Annex D”
Agreed on one non-normative text:
  • ITU-T P.806/Amd.1 “A subjective quality test methodology using multiple rating scales – Amendment 1: New Appendix III”
Working Party 2/12 Recommendations:

Consented four Recommendations:
  • Revised ITU-T G.107 “The E-model: a computational model for use in transmission planning”
  • Revised ITU-T G.107.1 “Wideband E-model”
  • Revised ITU-T P.834 “Methodology for the derivation of equipment impairment factors from instrumental models”
  • Revised ITU-T P.834.1 “Extension of the methodology for the derivation of equipment impairment factors from instrumental models for wideband speech codecs"
Working Party 3/12 Recommendations:

Consented two Recommendations:
  • New ITU-T G.1071 (ex. G.OMVAS) “Opinion model for network planning of video and audio streaming applications”
  • Revised ITU-T Y.1011 “Reference guide to quality of experience assessment methodologies”

Future meetings and workshops

  • Meeting of SG12
    -10-19 November 2015, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Rapporteur’s meetings
    Five Questions (Qs 4, 5, 13, 14 and 17/12) requested interim Rapporteur’s meetings as below, which were agreed:
    -Q4/12: 7-8 October 2015, Detroit area, MI, USA
    -Q5/12: 17-18 September 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
    -Q13, 14 and 17/12: 28-30 September 2015 (tentative), Berlin, Germany
  •  Meeting of SG12 Regional Group for Africa (collocated with Regional Standardization Forum)
    -14-18 March 2016, Zambia
  • Meetings of QSDG
    -7-11 September 2015, Athens, Greece
    -26-30 September, 2016, Place TBD
  • Workshops on QoS & QoE
    -13-15 October, 2015, EACO Member State (country TBD)
    -18 November 2015, Tunis, Tunisia (to be held during the next SG12 meeting)
    -14-18 March 2016, Zambia (as part of an ITU Regional Standardization Forum, to be collocated with SG5 and SG12 RG-AFR)
    -11-13 July, 2016, Place TBD   

Past Executive Summaries: