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List of Questions

Q1/9Transmission of television and sound programme signal for contribution, primary distribution and secondary distributionTextWork Items
Q2/9Measurement and control of the end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for advanced television technologies, from image acquisition to rendering, in contribution, primary distribution and secondary distribution networksTextWork Items
Q3/9Methods and practices for conditional access, protection against unauthorized copying and against unauthorized redistribution ("redistribution control" for digital cable television distribution to the home)TextWork Items
Q4/9Software components application programming interfaces (APIs), frameworks and overall software architecture for advanced content distribution services within the scope of Study Group 9TextWork Items
Q5/9Functional requirements for residential gateway and set-top box for the reception of advanced content distribution servicesTextWork Items
Q6/9Digital programme delivery controls for multiplexing, switching and insertion in compressed bit streamsTextWork Items
Q7/9Cable television delivery of digital services and applications that use Internet protocol (IP) and/or packet-based dataTextWork Items
Q8/9The IP enabled multimedia applications and services for cable television networks enabled by converged platformsTextWork Items
Q9/9Requirements for advanced service capabilities over broadband cable home networksTextWork Items
Q10/9Requirements, methods, and interfaces of the advanced service platforms to enhance the delivery of sound, television, and other multimedia interactive services over cable television networkTextWork Items
Q11/9Transmission of multichannel analogue and/or digital television signals over optical access networksTextWork Items
Q12/9Objective and subjective methods for evaluating perceptual audiovisual quality in multimedia services within the terms of Study Group 9TextWork Items
Q13/9Work programme, coordination and planningTextWork Items