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Question 1/9

Question 1/9 - Transmission of television and sound programme signal for contribution, primary distribution and secondary distribution

(Continuation of Question 1/9)


ITU T and ITU R are studying the standards to be used for digital television and sound programme signals.

Bit-rate reduction processing of such digital signals is widely used both in studio installations and for direct broadcasting from terrestrial or satellite transmitters as well as for transmission, including transmission for contribution and for primary and secondary distribution, defined as: To facilitate the international exchange of programmes and to rationalize the design of equipment, it is desirable to continue to study the methods used for digital source coding of such signals for all those applications within the scope of Study Group 9.

It is also necessary to ensure the utmost compatibility among the methods used for the various applications.

The studies include the specification of the availability objectives, and how availability objectives affect the choice of technical solutions for, e.g. digital source coding, multiplexing and error protection.

Indeed, the challenge is to find a balanced compromise among the various factors that interplay in the specification of the transmission method to be preferred for each application. For instance, a compromise must be found among: The studies cover not only television and sound programme signals but also the service delivery of emerging advanced video systems such as large screen digital imagery (LSDI)2, 3D, multi-view and free-viewpoint video over a variety of transport means, including IP-based ones.

NOTE 2 – LSDI is a family of digital imagery systems applicable to programmes such as dramas, plays, sporting events, converts, cultural event, etc., from capture to large screen presentation in high resolution quality in appropriately equipped theatres, halls and other venues.

It is therefore urgent to study the following Questions, taking into account Recommendations J.89, as well as the several existing Recommendations on primary and secondary distribution. (measurement and control of quality of service is covered in Question B/9).


Study items to be considered include, but are not limited to: Tasks

Tasks include, but are not limited to: An up-to-date status of work under this Question is contained in the Study Group 9 work programme (