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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at 7 February 2013
Meeting of Study Group 5
(Geneva, 29 January - 7 February 2013)

1. Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP - Recommendation A.8)
1.1 Revised Recommendations
ITU-T Rec. No. Title Question
K.44 Cor.1Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents – Basic Recommendation – Corrigendum 1Q4 (WP1/5)

1.2 New Recommendations
ITU-T Rec. No. ​Provisional number Title Question
L.1430L.methodology_ICT projectMethodology for assessment of the environmental impact of information and communication technology greenhouse gas and energy projectsQ18 (WP3/5)
2. Agreed informative texts
Title Question
K.52 Amd.1Appendix VI - Software K52 Calculator implementing calculation of EIRPth according to the Appendix IIIQ7 (WP2/5)
​K.70 Amd.3​Appendix I - New version v.3.0.0 of the software EMF estimator​Q7 (WP2/5)
​L.Suppl.1​ITU-T L.1310 - Supplement on energy efficiency for telecommunication equipment​Q17 (WP3/5)