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Meeting results concerning Recommendations

Actions taken on Recommendations at 28 September 2011 Meeting of Study Group 5
(Seoul, 20-28 September 2011)

1. Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP - Recommendation A.8)

1.1 Revised Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. No. Title Question
K.20 Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in a telecommunications centre to overvoltages and overcurrents 4/5
K.21 Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in customer premises to overvoltages and overcurrents 4/5
K.44​ Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents – Basic Recommendation 4/5​
 K.45​ Resistibility of telecommunication equipment installed in the access and trunk networks to overvoltages and overcurrents 4/5​

1.2 New Recommendations

ITU-T Rec. No. Provisional number Title Question
K.86 K.lcl Method for measuring Longitudinal Conversion Loss (9kHz - 30MHz) 1/5
K.85 K.hnwr Requirements for the mitigation of lightning effects on home networks installed in customer premises 8/5
K.88 K.NGN EMC requirements for Next Generation Network equipment 12/5
K.87 K.sec Guide for the application of electromagnetic security requirements - Basic Recommendation 15/5
L.1300 L.DC Best practices for green data centers 17/5
L.1410 L.GNS Methodology for environmental impact assessment of information and communication technologies goods, networks and services 18/5
L.1420 L.ORG Methodology for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions impact assessment of Information and Communication Technologies in organizations 18/5
L.1100 L.rareMetals A method to provide recycling information of rare metals in ICT products 21/5