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City Platf​orms​


​This thematic group provides a global platform to share how ICT solutions and digital technologies can significantly expand a city's capacity to respond and how smart city platforms are becoming main hubs for digital transformation of public services for integrated city management, as well as, cross-sector and interinstitutional interoperability to address global challenges.
​Ram​​on F​erri


Economic recovery in cities and urban resilience building in the time of COVID-19 


​This thematic group will examine the economic and financial measures taken by cities in response to COVID-19. Case studies will be collected and analyzed in order to gain insights into how cities can build urban resiliency against global crises such as COVID-19 in the future. ​

​Gu​lnara Roll, Katja Schaefer and Esteban Lean  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovative Financing Instruments for Smart Sustainable Cities​      ​

​The thematic group aims to facilitate an exchange of information on activities of different UN agencies, national and local governments and relevant stakeholders related to the existing and emerging instruments to finance urban development projects aimed at supporting cities’ sustainability and smartness.
Nadiia Yeremenko and Raul Garcia​
26 April 2021
25 May 2021
30 July 2021
15 September 2021​

​Guiding principles for artificial intelligence in cities
​This thematic group will set the guidelines for implementing AI solutions efficiently and sustainably in cities. The group also aims to develop a normative framework addressing principles, enablers and governance for applying AI solutions while taking into consideration targets set in the Sustainable Development Goals and other international commitments.
​​Okan Geray



​Procurement Guidelines for Smart Sustainable Cities​
​This thematic group will develop practical, step-by-step guidance with an expanding collection of case studies from around the world, for social purpose procurement to support smart sustainable cities. It will provide cities with guidance on how to transition away from traditional approaches, to strategically improve their supply chain performance and illustrate the potential of sustainable procurement in bringing positive impacts. This will help contribute to cities successfully achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).​
​Warren Smith​

21 May 2021
18 June 2021
16 July 2021
20 August 2021


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