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U4SSC Implementation Programme

​​​​​​​The U4SSC Implementation Programme (U4SSC-IP), IP supports the implementation of ​projects and builds partnerships which aim to build smarter and more sustainable cities worldwide. ​​The U4SSC-IP Leader is: Ms Kari Eik, Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER).​​

​U4SSC Implementation Programme ​ ​ ​

​Project Title ​Scope Organization ​Leader Timeline
​Global City Solutions Marketplace

​The Global Digital Marketplace has been set up to support cities, businesses and finance instituions to connect for designing and developing projects after completion of KPI evaluation. The U4SSC IP team is working to support all stakeholders in building this bridge. Through the marketplace, cities have a unique opportunity to engage with experts and solution providers to gain a better understanding of adequate solutions and financing opportunities. Cities promote projects through the platform as an open invitation for local and international providers to submit proposals for implementation. The program experts review and analyse project viability and develop project financing solutions through the City Investment Project Facility in support of the Digital Investment Marketplace. 


Santtu Hulkkonen

Data Management Platform including City/KPI Dashboard

​A KPI Dashboard is under development to support and faciliate the date gathering from cities in theU4SSC IP as well as to provide tools for visualizations and reports.

​Kari Eik​2022-2023

Innovation & Co-Creation LAB Alesund

​Linked to Simulation tool for cities a innovation LAB has been opened by the City of Alesund in Norway​ to support this work as well as to take forward co-creation activities between business, cities, academica and finance instituions. The LAB will be focussed on Norwegian and Nordic Cities in the Program.
City of Alesund
Bente Glomset Vikhagen​2020-2025

​Global City Simulation Tool

​Partnering with the Offshore Simulator Centre/Augment City in Norway, OiER is working on providing a new cutting-edge simulation technology to cities. OSC has developed software, Augmented Reality (AR) and predictive programs for simulators, which can be used to set up digital graphical twins of cities. The Global City Simulation Tool integrates data from all urban areas and sectors to offer a holistic visual understanding of city planning, integration of technologies and effects of decision-making.
By producing a Digital Twin City, simulations are able to test outcome scenarios before implementing them in real-life. It also provides real-time analysis to current city operations and activities. Trough visualisation and simulation, decision makers, stakeholders and citizens will have a tool for easier understanding the complex landscape of current situations, trends, alternatives and consequences before decisions are taken. 

Augment City

Joel Alexander Mills

​National U4SSC Programme NorwayThe first national U4SSC project, taking place in Norway, was announced during Green Standards Week 2019. This comprehensive five year project supports the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Norway, with a specific focus on goal 11: “Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. The U4SSC KPIs are used to evaluate and monitor progress across multiple cities and regions in Norway, affording Norway a networked approach to sustainable development where findings from the KPI evaluations are used to identify solutions that correspond to opportunities shared across cities. By benchmarking the cities using the same standard the project explores how actors, activities and resources can be organised in order to accelerate the cities’ transition to smarter and more sustainable societies. Increasing both the speed and accuracy of the transition represents an important contribution to other cities implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.​


Kristian Mjöen​2020-2025
​U4SSC Country Hubs

The first country hub has been set up in Vienna, Austria, in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Centre.

Austrian Economics Center​
Barbara Kolm​

​Twin City Program

​The City Twinning Program is a platform to couple cities to exchange best practices and concrete strategies and activities related to the KPI evaluation, innovation and application of U4SSC IP tools to accelerate progress of SDG 11. Ten cities covering different development stages, sizes and regions will be invited to participate in the U4SSC IP City Twinning Program.

Sm​art Dubai Office​

​​​Kari Eik

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