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Global Portal on Internet of Things and Smart Sustainable Cities

globalportal The Global Portal on IoT and smart sustainable cities provides current external resources  related to ICTs and climate change.


Internet of Things (IoT)

shutterstock_33370924-blue-Converted.pngIoT contributes to the convergence of industry sectors, with utilities, healthcare and transportation among the many sectors with a stake in the future of IoT technologies.

Smart Sustainable Cities

sscMaximizing contributions of ICTs to smart grids and smart meters, smart buildings and urban planning as well as smart mobility and ​electric vehicles towards the development of smart sustainable cities.

IoT and SC&C standards roadmap

This roadmap provides a mapping of existing and planned work items developed by ITU and other SDOs and Fora.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence's capabilities to transform and improve the quality of life in a smart city.


​Incorporating blockchain technology into the development of smart cities.