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Regional Group of SG5 for the Americas and the Caribbean (SG5 RG-LAC)

In accordance with WTSA Resolution 17 (Telecommunication standardization in relation to the interests of developing countries), Resolution 44 (Bridging the standardization gap between developing and developed countries), Resolution 54 (Creation of regional groups) and 72 (Measurement concerns related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields), Study Group 5 created the SG5 Regional Group for Latin America and the Caribbean at its Buenos Aires meeting in April 2010. The objectives of this Regional Group include, but are no limited, to the dissemination of the studies on electromagnetic environment and ICT & climate change, especially on human exposure to EMF, to encourage the participation of its countries in the Study Group 5 events and establish a link to attend Latin America and Caribbean countries needs regarding the issues covered by SG 5 mandate.

Terms of Reference

  • Commit the active participation of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region Regulators and Operators in the work of ITU-T SG5, and in the implementation of the ITU-T Recommendations on the environment and climate change.

  • Foster the debate and study on the challenges related to the environment and climate change faced by operators and regulators within the continent.

  • Encourage the participation of the Latin American and the Caribbean countries in the Group’s meetings, workshops and other SG 5 events. The Regional Group for Latin America and the Caribbean on the environment and climate change will offer help to potential experts interested in joining and participating in the mailing lists informal debates, to increase expert participation in the Questions work. It will provide important information on the workshops and SG5 events and encourage the experts to present documents at said events.

  • Urge the Latin American and the Caribbean countries to contribute with the work of ITU-T SG5 and especially to contribute with the New/Revised Recommendations developed by ITU-T SG5.

  • Exhort the Latin American and the Caribbean countries to actively participate in the Group on the environment and climate change and other meetings related to these matters, at least when such meetings are organized in the Americas Region.

  • Ensure that ITU-T SG5 takes advantage of the relevant information on rules applicable to telecommunication networks and security systems, related to the environment and climate change.

  • Act as liaison hub between Latin American / Caribbean telecommunication operators/regulators and ITU-T SG5 in affairs related to environmental and climate change rules.

  • Support any initiative leading to the Group’s evolution and consolidation.

Working methods

The regional group will mainly work electronically and by correspondence through designated focal points

SG5 RG-LAC Mailing List

In order to subscribe to the new sg5rgafr mailing list, a TIES or a Guest account is required. TIES users can subscribe directly. If you do not yet have a TIES account, but are eligible for one, please apply for one here: If not, you can create a Guest account here: Once you have your Guest account, please send your request via email to

General Information
  • Regional Seminar:
    (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16-17 December 2010)

Non-Ionizing Radiation: Keys for Deployment of Infrastructure and Health Protection and First SG5 RG-LAC Meeting

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How to Contribute

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