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 ITU-T Study Group 5 (Study Period 2009-2012)
 Structure of the informal FTP area and e-mail mailing lists  
Structure of SG 5 informal FTP area Mailing list Archives Mailing lists

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General distribution list of Study Group 5
  q14     t09sg5q14
Guides and terminology
  wp1     t09sg5wp1
Damage prevention and safety
    q4   t09sg5q4
Resistibility of communication equipment
    q5   t09sg5q5
Lightning protection of telecommunication systems
    q6   t09sg5q6
Bonding configurations and earthing of telecommunication systems in the global environment
    q9   t09sg5q9
Interference to telecommunication networks due to power systems and electrified railway systems
    q10   t09sg5q10
Outside and indoor network elements for broadband applications
    q11   t09sg5q11
Safety in the telecommunications networks
    q13   t09sg5q13
Protective components and assemblies
  wp2     t09sg5wp2
Electromagnetic fields: emission, immunity and human exposure
    q1   t09sg5q1
EMC issues arising from the liberalization of telecommunications networks
    q2   t09sg5q2
EMC related to broadband access networks
    q3   t09sg5q3
Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to radio systems and mobile equipment
    q7   t09sg5q7
Technical aspects of unbundling and sharing of outside plant elements in networks
    q8   t09sg5q8
Home Networks
    q12   t09sg5q12
EMC telecommunications recommendations
    q15   t09sg5q15
Security of telecommunication and information systems regarding the electromagnetic environment
    q16   t09sg5q16
EMC requirements for the Information Society
  wp3     t09sg5wp3
ICT and climate change
    q17   t09sg5q17
Coordination and planning of ICT&CC related standardization
    q18   t09sg5q18
Methodology of environmental impact assessment of ICT
    q19   t09sg5q19
Power feeding systems
    q20   t09sg5q20
Data collection for energey efficiency for ICTs over the lifecycle
    q21   t09sg5q21
Environmental protection and recycling of ICT equipment/facilities
    q22   t09sg5q22
Setting up a low cost sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for rural communications in developing countries
    q23   t09sg5q23
Using ICTs to enable countries to adapt to climate change
    Africa Region   t09sg5rgafr
Study Group 5 Regional Group for the Africa Region
    Arab Region   t09sg5rgarb
Study Group 5 Regional Group for the Arab Region
    Americas and the Caribbean   t09sg5rglac
Study Group 5 Regional Group for the Americas and the Caribbean
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