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Regional Group of SG5 for the Arab Region (SG5 RG-ARB)

In accordance with WTSA-08 Resolution 54 (Rev. Johannesburg, 2008) Creation of regional groups, the Arab States decided, at its "2nd meeting of Arab Permanent Group for Standardization", held in Lebanon from 7-9 July 2009, to propose the creation of a Regional Group for SG5. The main objectives of this Arab Regional Group are to maximize the involvement of Arab States in relevant activities of ITU-T SG5, disseminate the relevant information and activities of the Study Group on environment and climate change (implementation of Resolution 73, Johannesburg, 2008), the implementation of Resolution 72 (Johannesburg, 2008) regarding to the measurement related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields, as well as the application of Resolution 76 (Johannesburg, 2008) and other activities of SG5.

Terms of Reference

  • Increase the participation of Arab States in the work of SG5, with a view to ensuring that their specific regional needs and concerns are better taken into account;

  • Disseminate relevant information provided by SG5 on Environment and Climate Change, human exposure to electromagnetic fields, conformance and interoperability testing and other activities of SG5;

  • Write proposals to SG5;

  • Strengthen standard-making capabilities of the Arab States in accordance with Resolution 44 (Rev. Johannesburg, 2008) in particular with the four Programmes of the action of this Resolution (Programme 1, Programme 2, Programme 3 and Programme 4).
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