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Study Group 5 Regional Group for Africa (SG5 RG-AFR)

In accordance with Resolution 54 (creation of regional groups), and Resolutions 44, 59 and 72 (WTSA-08), Study Group 5, at its meeting in May 2009 created the SG5 Regional Group for Africa, in order to, on the one hand encourage national authorities, operators and consumers from developing countries to work together and better contribute to ITU-T activities on the achievement of EMC in telecommunication installations as well as on EMF and human health and on the other hand to enhance the collaboration on all activities related to “Climate change” in conformity with SG5 extended mandate.

Terms of Reference:

  • To encourage active participation of African administrations, regulators and operators in the work of SG5 and to report to them SG5 outcomes and deliverables
  • To boost discussions on EMC and EMF effects on health challenges facing administrations, operators and regulators in the continent
  • To encourage participation of African countries in workshops and other ITU-T Study Group 5 events
  • To reflect the relevant priorities of the continent as per SG5 mandate
  • To encourage African countries to contribute to the development of new/revised ITU-T Recommendations on EMF effects and report on their respective “Climate change” activities
  • To disseminate relevant information provided by ITU-T on EMF standards, compliance and measurement methods applicable to telecommunication networks, to the safety of telecommunication personnel and users against current and voltages, and telecommunication personnel and the general public from electromagnetic fields generated by telecommunication installation
  • To provide a better follow up from and to the focal points identified on “Climate change” activities launched by ITU
  • To collaborate with African Telecommunication Union (ATU)
  • Act as a liaison body between administrations, operators, regulators and ITU-T in matters relating to Environment and Climate Change.
Working methods

The regional group will mainly work electronically and by correspondence through designated focal points

SG5 RG-AFR Mailing List

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