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Quick steps to get started

1.       Register for a TIES account
To gain electronic access to ITU-T documents and resources, email services and documents exchange platforms, you must obtain a TIES account. Register for a TIES account at: TIES online application. Your request will be sent to your TIES Focal Point for approval.

2.       Set up your TIES email account and notifications
Login to your account and set up your ITU TIES email account and notifications at Manage my TIES account. Notifications will keep you updated about new ITU-T Recommendations or upcoming events. Make sure to define an email forwarding address if you do not want to use your ITU TIES email address.

3.       Subscribe to ITU-T mailing lists
Login to your TIES account to subscribe to the mailing lists of your choice to exchange ideas, contribute to the Study Groups remotely and progress standards development in between meetings, or simply to follow the discussions.

4.       Plan for future ITU-T meetings
Visit ITU-T Calendar of events or search for upcoming meetings to identify and prepare for your next trip to an ITU-T event.
Registration for meetings is carried out online at: ITU-T Registration form.
For practical information about ITU facilities and your stay in Geneva, please visit our Delegates' corner.

5.       Get acquainted with ITU's electronic working tools
Learn how to access documents, share and exchange information, submit contributions, join electronic meetings or participate remotely thanks to our Electronic Working Methods Services and support team.

6.       Understand the procedures and start participating  
Get a clear understanding of ITU-T working rules and procedures to start contributing, thanks to our manuals and guides for delegates at ITU-T Delegate Resources  

7.       Coming to ITU for the first time?
You will be invited to take part in our newcomers program which includes being welcomed at the registration desk, a guided tour of ITU's facilities and a one-hour orientation session with the relevant Study Group's management team to help you familiarize with ITU-T.