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Issuer Identifier Number

Issuer Identifier Number Registration Form

Issuer Identifier Number for the international telecommunication charge card (According to Recommendation ITU-T E.118 (05/2006))

ITU is the central registration Authority for Issuer Identifier Number (IIN), with Major Industry Identifier (MII) 89, for telecommunication purposes.
Applicants applying for a single IIN are requested to fill in the registration form and submit it to the approving organization in their country for completion before it is sent to ITU for registration, accompanied by evidence of payment to the ITU. (see detailed procedure further below) 

Note by the TSB

For your information, the complete list of ITU-registered Issuer Identifier Numbers (IINs) is published periodically as an Annex to the ITU Operational Bulletin (free download available). All changes to information contained in the list of ITU-registered IINs should be communicated to the ITU, TSB/OBNA Secretariat, for record update and publication as amendments in the ITU Operational Bulletin (free download available).
The sections below describe in detail the procedures for new registration, modification and cancellation.

An Issuer Identifier Number (IIN) is used to identify a telecommunication company in a country which is working in an international environment. According to ISO Standard 7812-2 of 1999, the criteria for approval and rejection of applications are:

"4.3.1 Criteria for approval of an application for a single IIN

Applications for a single IIN shall meet all the criteria for approval below and shall not comply with any of the criteria for rejection in 4.3.2: 4.3.2 Criteria for rejection of an application for a single IIN

An applicant for a single IIN shall be rejected by the Sponsoring Authority when any one of the following conditions exist:
Additional information related to IIN:

As per Rec. ITU-T E.118, the Issuer Identification Number is described as the first 6 or 7 digits of the Primary Account Number (PAN).
The PAN is the visible card number, with the maximum length of 19 characters.

The IIN is used to distinguish among multiple Operating Agencies (OAs) who issue cards within a country; or to distinguish individual countries sharing the same country code; or to distinguish both countries and issuers.
One example is to use it to identify the card issuer of a SIM card.

The Issuer Identifier Number follows Major industry identifier (MII) with the value “89”, assigned for telecommunication purposes, and ITU-T E.164 Country Code.
The structure is as follows:
E118 IIN structure

For more details, please refer to the Recommendation ITU-T E.118 (05/2006): 



Under point 4.2 d) of Recommendation ITU-T E.118, the ITU charges a one-time fee for the assignment and registration of each new Issuer Identifier Number.
Since 1 January 2018, the registration fee is 150 Swiss Francs.

For non ITU-T and ITU-R Sector Members, an annual maintenance fee of 100 Swiss francs per number registered has been introduced, effective 1 January 2018.
ITU-T and ITU-R Sector Members are not required to pay an annual maintenance fee.

(see  ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1127, page 15)

Registration procedure for a new ITU-T E.118 IIN

The registration form can be downloaded at the link below:

The Applicant must complete and sign part A of the registration form.
The national Telecommunication Administration (or duly authorized coordinating organization) must complete and sign Part B of the registration form.

It is only after approval by the national Administration that the registration form should be sent to ITU, TSB/OBNA, with evidence of payment of fee.
The Applicant should specify the method of payment in the form (tick box indicating selected method of payment).

According to Recommendation ITU-T E.118 , to complete the registration procedure, ITU charges a registration fee.
The registration fee is currently 150 Swiss francs per new IIN.
Additionally, for non ITU-T and ITU-R Sector Members, the Applicant is required to pay an annual maintenance fee of 100 Swiss francs per IIN.

Specific fields of the form that may require careful consideration by the Applicant are:
- Concerning the role of the principal contact person in organization, there is no requirement in Recommendation ITU-T E.118. However the contact will be published in ITU Operational Bulletin which is publicly accessible and registered in ITU. So the contact could possibly receive queries related to registered IIN.

- Method of payment must be specified by the Applicant in the form:
If by bank transfer, a copy of evidence of payment should also be provided.
If by credit card, the payment will be processed when completed registration form is received.

For any further information or support, contact ITU, TSB/OBNA at


Modification of information related to registered ITU-T E.118 IIN

In order to keep the list up to date, all registered compagnies have the responsibility to notify all modifications concerning their company and contact person, including full address and e-mail address, to ITU, TSB/OBNA: e-mail:; fax: +41 22 730 5853
The updates would need to be endorsed by the national Administration or sent by the national Administration.

Modifications are free of charge (except re-assignment*).
*re-assignment: IIN was cancelled for former company and IIN has been assigned and registered to a new different company.

Cancellation procedure for an ITU-T E.118 IIN

Should the IIN no longer be in use by the registered company, a cancellation would need to be validated by the national Administration.

Part A of the registration form should be completed.
Part B of the registration form must be completed and approved by the national Administration.
(Note: effective date of cancellation should be provided and Cancellation must be ticked on the form)
The cancellation form can be downloaded at the following link:

Following the national Administration’s confirmation of cancellation, the registration form should be sent to ITU, TSB/OBNA: e-mail:;
fax: +41 22 730 5853
Cancellation is free of charge.


List of ITU-T E.118 IINs with assignee contact not reachable

It is important that all IIN assignees can be reached to notify them of administrative matters that may require action or to handle queries related to registered IIN.
A public team name/tel/mailbox email address responsible for handling these queries should be provided.

More particularly, the companies indicated in the following document are requested to follow modification or cancellation procedure indicated in this web page.
List of ITU-T E.118 IINs for which the assignee contact is not reachable: E118_IIN-assignee-contact-not-reachable.docx


How to check my Membership status in ITU?

For the membership status of a company/organization, please see:
A Sector Member is marked with an “X” under columns “ITU-T” and/or “ITU-R”.
For issues relevant to membership status, please contact:

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