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List of FG-IPTV deliverables and their allocations

Malta, 11-18 December 2007


Document No.


[Note 1]

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[Note 3]
FG IPTV-DOC-0147 IPTV services requirements Q2/13 SG11, Q9/9, Q22/16, Q9/17, Q12/17 SG13
FG IPTV-DOC-0181 IPTV architecture Q3/13 Q9/9, Q21/16, Q9/17 SG13
FG IPTV-DOC-0182 Service scenarios for IPTV Q1/13 Q9/9, Q8/13, Q2/13, Q22/16, Q12/17 SG13
FG-IPTV-DOC-0183 Gap analysis [Note 5]    
FG IPTV-DOC-0184 Quality of experience requirements for IPTV Q13/12 Q2/9,Q4/13, Q24/16
FG IPTV-DOC-0185 Traffic management mechanism for the support of IPTV services Q4/13 Q5/11, Q16/12, Q17/12
FG IPTV-DOC-0186 Application layer reliability error recovery mechanisms for IPTV Q23/16 Q13/12, Q17/12,Q4/13, Q14/17
[Note 6]
FG IPTV-DOC-0187 Performance monitoring for IPTV Q13/12 Q14/9, Q14/12, Q4/13, Q24/16, Q14/17
FG IPTV-DOC-0188 IPTV security aspects SG17 Q3/9, Q15/13, Q13/16, Q25/16 SG17
FG IPTV-DOC-0189 IPTV network control aspects Q3/13 Q9/9, Q1/11, Q3/11, Q7/11, Q2/13 SG13
FG IPTV-DOC-0190 IPTV multicast frameworks Q3/13 Q8/9, Q1/11, Q2/11, Q2/13, Q22/16, Q1/17, Q9/17 SG13
FG IPTV-DOC-0191 IPTV related protocols Q1/11 Q2/11 SG11
FG IPTV-DOC-0192 Aspects of IPTV end system – terminal device Q13/16 Q5/9 SG16
FG IPTV-DOC-0193 Aspects of home network supporting IPTV services Q21/16 Q10/9, Q9/17, Q1/15, Q4/15 SG16
FG IPTV-DOC-0194 IPTV middleware, applications, and content platforms Q4/9, Q13/16
[Note 4]
Q2/13 [Note 4]
FG IPTV-DOC-0195 Toolbox for content coding Q23/16   SG16
FG IPTV-DOC-0196 IPTV middleware Q4/9, Q13/16
[Note 4]
  [Note 4]
Merged with
Service navigation system Q4/9, Q13/16
[Note 4]
  [Note 4]
FG IPTV-DOC-0197 IPTV metadata Q4/9, Q13/16
[Note 4]
Q9/17, Q10/17 [Note 4]
FG IPTV-DOC-0198 Standards for IPTV multimedia application platforms Q4/9,
[Note 4]
Q2/13 Note 4
FG IPTV-DOC-0199 IPTV vocabulary of terms Q11/13
[Note 4]
[Note 6]
  • Note 1: This is the question / study group that will lead the ongoing work on the deliverable.
  • Note 2: These are the questions / study groups also interested in the work.
  • Note 3: This is the study group that will handle the approval of the recommendation(s) resulting from the FG deliverable
  • Note 4: To be decided which study group should lead the work and handle the approval of recommendation(s) resulting from the FG deliverable. Only one study group can do this but it can be done in association with other study groups.
  • Note 5: To be allocated.
  • Note 6: To be confirmed.