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FG Smart

​Focus Group on Smart Grid (FG Smart)

(Established in 2010-02; Concluded in 2011-12)

ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Grid (FG Smart) was established further to ITU-T TSAG agreement at its meeting in Geneva, 8-11 February 2010 followed by ITU-T study groups and membership consultation. It was successfully concluded in December 2011.

The Terms of Reference of the Focus Group are available here.

FG Management
  • Chairman: Les Brown (Lantiq, Germany)
  • Vice-Chairman: Li Haihua (MIIT, China)
  • Vice-Chairman: Hyung-Soo (Hans) Kim (Korea Telecom, Korea)
  • Vice-Chairman: Yoshito Sakurai (Hitachi, Japan)
  • Vice-Chairman: David Su (NIST/USA)

ITU/TSB contact: Hiroshi Ota



Following deliverables were developed by this Focus Group:

• Use Cases for Smart Grid
• Requirements of communication for Smart Grid
• Smart Grid Architecture
• Smart Grid Overview
• Terminology

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