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Focus Group on Car Communication


(Established 2009-11; Terminated 2013-03)
The Focus Group on Car Communication (FG CarCOM) was established by SG 12 at its 3 - 12 November 2009 meeting.  It was successfully concluded in March 2013. 

The objective of the Focus Group is to develop a new set of requirements and specifications to help advance the work of the ITU-T SG 12, mainly Questions 4/12 and 12/12 and to encourage the participation in this activity of members of other standards organisations involved in car and Telecommunications/ICT industries, including experts and individuals who may not be members of ITU. The main focus is on sub-system level requirements, in car communication and requirements/testing of frontends used for speech recognition in cars.

Terms of reference:
The following areas should be addressed in the future activity of the Focus Group:

FG CarCOM Charter

Management and Contacts

The Focus Group will appoint any other leadership, as needed.