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ITN - Infrastructure, Telematics & Navigation

ITN - Infrastructure, Telematics & Navigation
15th-16th October 2009

This was the first event in Europe that offered a complete panorama from intelligent infrastructures and smart grids to positioning systems and location -based applications. It merged Telemobility Forum, the largest and most important telematics and navigation event in Europe since 2002, with Infrastructura the former Biennial International Show of Infrastructures.

ITN offered visitors two days of conferences and informative workshops, networking programmes and seminars of high-level content, while also presenting an extensive, two-day period for the wide-ranging exhibition activities.

There were many international delegations from carriers, public agencies and institutions from the major European countries, partners of the event.

ITU-T Focus Group CarCom was invited to hold a hosted session on 16 October 2009.

Focus Groups are an instrument created by ITU-T that augment the Study Group work programme by providing an alternative working environment for the quick development of specifications in their chosen areas. Focus Groups are now widely used to address industry needs as they emerge, and when they are not covered within the existing ITU-T Groups.

The ITU-T Focus Group CarCom session, hosted by ITN is dealing with the evolution of speech based Human-Machine-Interfaces in Cars and with the related impact on our daily lives. The main focus currently is hands-free communication in cars. Yet, an increasing number of new functionalities that enhance safety and driving performance or increase the level of comfort are included in modern cars. While first passive safety systems like airbags were integrated, later systems, that directly affect the driving process, like active cruise control were added. Additionally more and more information systems have become of general interest, as navigation systems, restaurants guides or telephone systems. Use of different user interfaces by each supplier requires invention of other strategies, to enable handling in spite of increasing functional range. Nevertheless, haptic use of infotainment (information and entertainment) systems in cars, deflect the driver from his primary task, the driving. Therefore we need new Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), which do not require the driver’s full attention, for speech communication and controlling infotainment systems in cars.

Conference program of the ITU-T Focus Group CarCom hosted session: World vision
CHAIRMAN: H. W. Gierlich, HEAD acoustics GmbH, Chair, ITU-T – International Telecommunication Union, FG CarCom
 9.30 Introduction of ITU-T SG12 and the work in the ITU-T FG CarCom
H. W. Gierlich, Chair, FG CarCom
J.Y. Monfort, Vice Chair, FG CarCom
10.00 Solving automotive speech communications problems with speech Enhancement algorithms
S. Pennock, QNX Software Systems
10.30 Specifying High-Quality Hands-Free Speech Communications in Motor Vehicles
H. W. Gierlich, Chair, FG CarCom
F. Kettler, HEAD acoustics GmbH
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 Head-Unit integrated Microphone Array
H. Yu, T. Fingscheidt, Technische Universität Braunschweig
12.00 Improving the User Experience with Spatial Auditory Displays
S. Pennock, QNX Software Systems
12.30 Car Communication based on Bluetooth Links
S. Hervé, Parrot SA
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 Automotive Speech Enhancement – An Overview
T. Haulick, Nuance
14.30 Speech communication in cars goes wideband – the new ITU-T Focus Group CarCom
H. W. Gierlich, HEAD acoustics GmbH, Chair ITU-T FG CarCom
15.00 Wideband Speech Communications: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
S. Pennock, QNX Software Systems
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 Voice Control becomes Natural
U. Haiber, S-VOX
16.30 Signalling for seamless interaction between networks and devices
Y. Naito, Chair, ITU-T SG 16, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation H. Kullmann, Deutsche Telekom; Dominique Ho, University of Missouri, USA/Nortel
17.00 New enabling features for in-car speech-based advanced applications
P. Coppo, VP Marketing & Business Development, Loquendo
17.30 Closing Remarks

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