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Programme 24 January 2019

​​​​​​​​​​FIGI Symposium 2019: Capacity Building Sessions
Cairo, Egypt, 22-24 January 2019


Programme: Day 1 I Day 2

 Day 3, 24 January 2019 (Half-Day)

       ​     09:00 - 11:00​Quality of Service KPIs for Digital Financial Services (DFS)

Quality of service (QoS) issues can affect the availability of the mobile network resulting in the consumer being unable to complete a DFS transaction. The main objective of this session will be to share the findings of the study undertaken to measure the key performance indicators for the quality of service of the mobile network for digital financial services and provide a methodology which telecom regulators can use to assess KPIs for QoS. ​
 Cybersecurity: A simulation exercise

The aim of this session is to conduct a a simulation exercise on cyber security in the financial sector and more broadly. The World Bank’s Crisis Simulation Exercises provide a safe virtual environment for financial sector authorities to experiment taking critical decisions within proposed, legal and operational crisis management arrangements.

The simulation will focus on a single, crucial dimension of the cyber crisis management process: communication among decision makers, based on a scenario, i.e. a sequence of messages describing hypothetical facts that the teams of participating decision-makers will face during the simulation exercise.
Regulatory Enablers of DFS

What are the (basic) regulatory enablers for inclusive digital financial services (DFS)? Where does your market stand and what options do you have to address barriers to inclusive DFS in your market? How can you help your client countries to achieve higher financial inclusion by implementing the enablers? Where can you leverage your investments/donations to promote the appropriate enablers? Gain a better understanding of the regulatory enablers in this highly interactive session presented by CGAP and UNCDF. Learn how to implement the enablers and how to train your own teams & partners on how to apply and use the framework. The course will also point participant to practical resources for policymakers, including the GSMA Regulatory Index, and CGAP toolkits.
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee Break​
11:15 - 13:15Next Generation Authentication Technologies Showcase

Today the number of security breaches directly related to stolen passwords and bypassed authentication is increasing along with the severity of their consequences. Further compounding these issues, past breaches are creating a snowball effect, resulting in subsequent attacks being easier, quicker, and more widespread than their predecessors are. A new approach to authentication and authorisation is required to face the new generation of modern security challenges. The future of authentication is free from traditional passwords. The objective of this session is to showcase the features of next generation authentication technologies such as Fast Identity Online (FIDO), Mobile Connect and others from Aadhaar and Alipay as well as provide a demonstration of their capabilities and how they can be implemented in digital financial services.

 Cybersecurity: A Simulation Exercise 


Regulatory Enablers of DFS (Continues)

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