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Digital Currency Global Initiative

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The Digital Currency Global Initiative is a collaboration between ITU and Stanford University and its main objectives are:

To achieve the above objectives, the activities of the Digital Currency Global Initiative are focused around three main pillars to drive the synergistic engagement, innovative use, and standardization of Digital Currencies. Three working groups are set up under the Standardization pillar:  ​

The pillars and working groups terms of reference are described in details in the concept note​​​​.​

The Digital Currency Global Initiative will provide an open and neutral platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing and research on the applications of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and other digital currency implementations. It will pursue the dialogue and research initiated by ITU-T Focus Group on Digital Currency including Digital Fiat Currency (FG DFC)  on pilot implementations, use cases and developing specifications for technical standards. 

The Initiative will adopt a multi-stakeholder approach and will include participation from Central Banks, payment service providers, digital currency platform providers, fintech companies, policymakers, standards setting bodies, academic, IT security experts and international organizations.​​ 

Architecture Working Group

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Policy & Governance Working Group

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Security & Assurance Working group

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