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Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons

​The Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons convened a Roundtable​ in January 2020 and identified collaborative approaches that could be applied to support the ​implementation of beneficial AI based solutions and accelerate progress on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

AI specialists and data owners from industry, academia, member states, UN agencies and civil society ​came together and highlighted the crucial role that efficient​ collaboration plays in:

Project Resilience

The vision of ​Project Resilience is to create a public AI service where a global community of innovators and thought leaders can enhance and utilize a collection of data and AI approaches both in the context of the current pandemic and for similar future challenges. ​

Register here​ ​and join this session on 26 October 2021​ to learn how you can participate or contribute to this unique project. Discover and get involved in our Working Groups on our ​Slack channel​.