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Jules Verner's Corner - ITU Kaleidoscope 2014 special session

​Heart to heart communication

Heart to heart communication is the theme for the fourth Jules Verne's corner (JVc). JVc is a special session of the ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference, which in 2014 is entitled "Living in a converged world – possible without standards?", and will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, on 3 June 2014.

The theme is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen” in which a young girl, after many painful attempts, manages to melt the ice in her friend’s heart with her tears.  In 2045, when Andersen’s story will turn 200 years old, instead of tears, pheromone networks may achieve the same goal: to communicate from heart to heart.

Nanonetworks have been hailed as new frontier in communications. Communication in the nanoscale is based either on electromagnetic communication or on molecular communication, in which the molecules propagate through pre-defined pathways by using carrier substances. Could pheromones be used as carrier substances?

JVc is dedicated to the views of visionary minds, with the ability to think 50 years into the future and beyond as Jules Verne did. It is the home for those visionaries, science fiction writers, journalists, movie directors and anybody else able to elucidate an unpredictable future, putting forward inspiring, revolutionary ideas. The objective is to share thoughts that might help develop communication concepts to make possible the impossible during the second half of the XXI century. 

Day 1 - Tuesday 3 June 2014
16:30 - 17:30
​Moderator: Andrey Koucheryavy, SPbSUT, Russian Federation
Telefax as forerunner of teleportation
Boris Goldstein, SPbSUT, Russian Federation [Abstract]
From Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) to Heart to Heart (He2He) Communications
Andrey Koucheryavy, SPbSUT, Russian Federation​ [Abstract]
From Jules Verne's moon landing dream in 1865 to "Star Wars" now
Manfred Schneps, Ventspils University College, Latvia