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Andrey Koucheryavy

A Koucheryavy.jpgA.Koucheryavy graduated from Leningrad University of Telecommunication in 1974. He received his Ph.D and D.Sc in 1982 and 1994 respectively. He worked in the Telecommunication Research Institute (LONIIS), from 1974 up to October 2003 (from 1986 up to 2003 as the First Deputy Director ). 

A.Koucheryavy has been a professor at St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication (SUT) since 1998. From 2011 he is the head of the SUT department of “Telecommunication Networks”. He is honorary member of A.S.Popov society.

Prof. Koucheryavy was vice-chairman of ITU-T Study Group 11 during two study periods. His scientific areas of interest are the network planning, teletraffic theory, IoT and its enablers.