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ITU Workshop on “Developments regarding telecommunication network architectures and services”
Kampala, Uganda, 2 April 2012 Contact:
At the kind invitation of the Uganda Communications Commission, ITU is organizing a Workshop on "Developments regarding telecommunication network architectures and services" at the Golf Course Hotel, Kampala, Uganda, on 2 April 2012.

In line with Resolution 44 of WTSA-08 on “Bridging the standardization gap between developing and developed countries”, this workshop is intended to increase awareness among participants from countries which usually do not participate in SG 13 activities and meetings.

The workshop will be followed by an interim Rapporteurs’ meeting of Q.15/13, also hosted by the Uganda Communications Commission, from 3 to 4 April 2012 at the same venue.
The specific key areas to be covered by this workshop are the following:
  • ITU-T Study Group 13 activities in general ( new developments in the areas of cloud computing and SUN, outputs of SG 13, explain the latest development and future evolvements of NGN )
  • Question 15 Activities and outputs (Its work, current activities and output)
  • IMT and IMS issues and experiences (UMTS, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX) which are technologies that are highly significant for the mobile and wireless NGN access. The workshop will give some special consideration on the fundamental concepts of these technologies as well as possible migration scenarios).
  • SG 13 efforts towards "Bridging the standardization gap between developing and developed countries" (Analysis of participation by developing countries, outreach for more participation, information on participation and contribution).
The theme for the workshop is "developments regarding telecommunication network architectures and services".
Target Audience
The workshop is intended to bring together telecom operators based in mostly East and Central African countries, representatives from ICT Regulators, vendors, University lecturers in the area of ICT Telecom Engineering, policy makers and University students.



General Information

Practical Information (including hotel accommodation, transportation, visa and health requirements)

Host country contact person:
Mr Simon Bugaba
Rapporteur, Q.15/13
Uganda Communications Commission
12th Floor Communications House
Plot 1 Colville Street
P.O. Box 7376
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 4339000
Fax: +256 348832
Emails: or


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  • ITU-T Q.15/13

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