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1st Forum on Data Management: Transforming Data Into Value

​Dubai, UAE, 12 March 2017


Forum on Data Management: Transforming Data Into Value BannerExpanding the IoT Potential with a special focus on smart cities

By 2020, more than 50 billion interconnected devices will be generating, transmitting, and analyzing unprecedented amounts of data. This new technological paradigm, called the Internet of Things (IoT), has the potential to impact almost every aspect of our daily lives, reshape our cities, and boost global productivity and bridge the digital divide.

This new IoT paradigm is geared towards changing the landscape of our economies and boosting global productivity. However, on the flip-side, the solutions to manage and utilize the massive volume of data produced within the IoT ecosystem is yet to mature in order to improve the data value and its security.

Traditional data management solutions often fall short in satisfying the implementation needs of IoT networks, especially in smart cities. Therefore, the huge potential associated with the management of this data, especially in the urban realm remains largely untapped.

In many situations, traditional solutions are also unable to manage the massive amount of data the IoT ecosystem is producing, and we need to develop new data management solutions that can quickly, efficiently, and safely transform this data into value.

IoT was made possible by recent advancements in microelectronics and manufacturing that enable the mass production of sensors that generate and communicate many types of data.  This newfound technical capability raises many questions that will be addressed during the Forum:

Our challenge is to develop standards and adopt practices that enable the integration of data from many devices and domains. Our goal is to facilitate interoperability, data portability, security, and trust within the IoT ecosystem so we can enable new applications and services that better life in the urban realm and elsewhere.

This Forum explored the many questions, concerns, and issues along with other IoT-related topics like open data platforms, cloud infrastructure, data governance policies, and cross-domain and cross-device services.​

This forum was a global platform that facilitated discussions on how data can be transformed into value and how international standards can facilitate that process. Participants learnt about the current state of data management, discussed ways to address interoperability and security issues, and explored the capabilities and protocols needed to manage IoT data in smart cities.

Target Audience
This forum brought together smart city and IoT stakeholders, managers and engineers working on big data and data analytics, service providers planning to delivering IoT solutions, and policy and standards makers.