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Joint UN Workshop on Towards building effective partnerships for sustainable management of e-waste

Geneva, Switzerland, 5 May 2016

Contact: Cristina Bueti

Many United Nations organizations including ITU, UNEP, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, UNIDO, ECLAC, WHO and WIPO have been actively working on e-waste management issues. The aim of a coordinated approach is to strengthen joint initiatives in the area of environmentally sound management of e-waste aiming at a life-cycle approach for e-products in the UN system as well as to promote cooperation and synergies among UN entities in the follow-up of the SDGs targets, SAICM, the Basel Convention and the Connect 2020 Agenda, adding value to already existing programmes, mechanisms and projects.

This event was co-organized by ITU, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, ECLAC, UNIDO, WHO and WIPO.

This event intended to build on the United Nations approach to guide decision makers on the sustainable management of e-waste worldwide. The event was to generate awareness on e-waste management and to strengthen collaborations on e-waste related issues within the United Nations. This event provided an ideal platform for discussions on developing effective international guidelines to deal with e-waste and ensure that environmentally sound management methods for e-waste recycling are adopted.

Target Audience
The event brought together leading specialists in the field, from top policy-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, recyclers, standards experts and others.



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